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DeSantis says migrants are on their way straight from Texas to Florida


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis intensified his criticism of President Biden’s immigration policy on Monday, warning law enforcement officials to inform him that many migrants they encountered at the border were tied to his home state.

DeSantis targeted Biden shortly after the governor returned from a trip to the southern border in support of his move to send Florida law enforcement resources to Texas to help with the local response to the immigration crisis. DeSantis said he was “surprised” by his discussions with state officers who were sent to the border.

“They have made over 2,000 arrests, over 100 arrests of crimes, and they say almost 70% of all those they have banned said their ultimate destination was the state of Florida,” DeSantis said at a news conference. “If you think that having a wide open border, 1,000 miles, no matter how far it was, does not affect here, you are wrong.”

The statistics cited by DeSantis could not be independently verified. Florida sent law enforcement officials to the border following a request for help from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey in June.

DeSantis argued that the border crisis would “turn around very quickly” if Biden reintroduced the Trump-era policies, which he reversed by announcement shortly after accession. He called for the reintroduction of migration protection protocols, which required asylum seekers to stay in Mexico during their immigration cases.


“If you have a huge percentage who will try to get to Florida, and I think Biden pays for tickets on buses and flying people around, it will have a huge impact on community services, on education, on health care, it will “affect taxpayers to a very large extent. The policy needs to change,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis is one of several prominent GOP legislators who have criticized the Biden administration’s response to the border crisis. Biden officials claim the president inherited a dysfunctional immigration system and reversed several Trump-era immigration policies that were cruel and inhumane.


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