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Damian Lillard to the Warriors? A new report says five other teams have shown more interest so far


Wait to get the custom Golden State jerseys made: Damian Lillard’s move to the Warriors may be further away from reality than some previously thought.

A new report from Kevin O’Connor from The Ringer outlined some of the best suitors for the disgruntled Blazers superstar, and yes, none of the teams listed are the Dubs.

The relevant part of the report reads as follows: “Few team leaders expect a Women’s deal to happen this offseason. But several front-office sources say the Heat, Kings, Knicks, Rockets and Sixers have recently been the most aggressive suitors. . “

The warriors are not even mentioned in passing. In fact, their only mention in the article is when O’Connor touches on the bleak future that Portland has compared to other Western Conference teams. For what it’s worth, Golden State is being merged with the Lakers as a team that “reloads”.

Reports that Lillard could potentially be the latest star player to make a homecoming move circulated as late as last week, with Anthony Slater of The Athletic noting that the Dubs had “internally discussed” the idea of ​​acting for the guard. It sounds like these discussions have been internal so far.

The 31-year-old Lillard has been wearing a Blazers uniform throughout his career, and although he has not formally issued a trade demand, he has come closer and closer to this breaking point.

“I do not see how to say, ‘This is a championship team, it just needed a new coach,’ when we just lost in the first round to a team that was injured,” Lillard recently told reporters.

Would the Warriors be a championship team with Lillard? Assuming a version of Klay Thompson is back next year, they would almost certainly be closer to title fights than the Blazers. But they would also be closer than the Kings, Knicks and Rockets for that matter.


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