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Covid: Lazio, Veneto, Sardinia and Sicily are already in the yellow zone – Chronicle


Rome, July 21, 2021 – Four regions since yellow zone. There is pressure to confront the government for the revision of the parameters to apply the “colors” to the Region, because with the current legislation already four – Lazio, Veneto, Sardinia and Sicily – the restrictions for the yellow zone must apply. With the increase in infections in recent days, these four regions have exceeded their quota 50 weekly cases per hundred thousand inhabitants, the threshold that causes you to leave the white area to end up in the yellow.

The Lazio in particular, with the sharp increase in the number of cases in the past week (cases quintupled in Rome), it reaches an incidence of 54 cases per hundred thousand. The Venice, with an incidence of 54.5 per hundred thousand, and the Sicily, 56.5 per hundred thousand. However, it has the highest incidence Sardinia, 64.4 per hundred thousand. Just three weeks ago, they all had an incidence of about 10 cases per 100,000, even less.

No other region comes close to 50 cases, but some are over 30, which at the current rate of growth does not protect against risk of further deterioration: the Tuscany is at 34.3, Umbria at 31.7, the Province of Trento to 30.3. It’s still not that disturbing Lombardy, which equates to 26.3. In any case, things change when we look at the authorization data, the new parameter proposed to decide on the “color” changes object of the comparison between the Regions and the government.

Pending government decisions on the matter, which should be taken tomorrow, July 21 – or, according to executive sources in the evening, Thursday if ongoing talks on the new decree-law require more time – the therapy intensive in Veneto, for example, that of Lazio with 3%, Sicily with 3.3% and Sardinia with 1.4%. One of the hypotheses on the table is exactly that of activating the yellow zone when it exceeds 5%, while the “red” risk threshold would be activated at 30%.

The numbers of intensive care units in the four regions that are currently “of yellow” would be the risk of leaving the white zone While using this Friday’s monitoring data, it should also always be remembered that hospital admissions usually track infections for several days. In any case, the main factor linked to vaccines, currently the only elements that can cope with the increase in infections and, above all, reduce the risks of hospitalization and the need for intensive care.

Yellow zone: arm wrestling about the parameters


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