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Covid Italy, 50% vaccinated with two doses exceeded


Italy exceeds the threshold of 50% of those vaccinated against Covid: more than one in two Italians (50.57% of the population over 12 years old) have completed the cycle, according to the government report. Out of a total of 61,777,255 administrations, 27,311,228 people took both doses. On the other hand, the doses delivered to the Regions amount to 66,310,986, with a percentage of the administrations equal to 93.2%.

“Ambiguities on the part of a political force are not permissible about vaccines. The restart and the future of the country depend on the vaccination campaign,” said Health Minister Roberto Speranza, speaking about the controversy over the statements of some politicians about the need to vaccinate under 40 against Covid.

DATA ON INFECTIONS – There are 2,072 new coronavirus infections in Italy today, July 19, according to data from the latest bulletin from the Ministry of Health. There are still 7 dead. Yesterday the new infections were 3,127 and 3 deaths. The new deaths bring the total number of casualties since the start of the emergency to 127,874. In the last 24 hours, 89,089 swabs have been performed, with a positivity rate rising to 2.3% (yesterday 1.9%). An increase in the number of people hospitalized with 1188 symptoms (1,136 yesterday), with an increase of 52 people compared to yesterday while 162 were admitted to intensive care (+6 compared to yesterday), with 16 admissions in the past 24 hours. 4,114,129 are cured (+651) and 47,525 are currently positive (+1.412).

DIRECTOR’S ROOM – The control room with Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the majority troops to discuss the modification of parameters for the colors of the regions and the possible extension of the obligation of the Green Pass for places such as – among others – stadiums, swimming pools, gyms , concerts, must be held on Wednesday mornings and a council of ministers may be held on the same day. “After the indications of the CTS, the policy will decide and I believe that only after the double dose of vaccine we will move towards the granting of the green pass,” clarified the Secretary of State for Health Andrea Costa.

FIGHT ON VACCINES OBLIGATION TO PROF – On the political front, the clash over the obligation of vaccines for teachers has ignited. “We will meet with the Council of Ministers this week and there will be a collegiate decision. I will certainly bring the results of the CTS, which I will of course present to everyone,” said Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi.

“I would even agree to the mandatory vaccine for school staff, even if I don’t want to make it a religious struggle. Vaccinations for teachers have been going well in our region: we have vaccinated more than 85% of the teaching staff, and that is not cheap. Things are going well, but we need to vaccinate as much as possible “, emphasized the president of the Emilia-Romagna region, Stefano Bonaccinic.

But the leader of the league, Matteo Salvinic, he noted that “84% of teachers have already had the first dose of vaccine, 75% have already completed the cycle, by September it is estimated that more than 90% of the (voluntary) coverage among teachers will have been reached. Does it make sense to talk about obligations or dismissal from school?” Teachers can be advised to get vaccinated, not forced. The figures show that so far no minors have died from Covid alone. And teachers who have not been vaccinated, who could ever get infected? Minors actually… So I don’t agree on the obligation for teachers and on the obligation in general,” he repeated.

The Democratic Party’s Secretary Enrico Letta he said: “Vaccinations are not optional and when I hear and see Salvini laughing and joking about this issue I find this attitude completely irresponsible. You don’t joke about the health of Italians. I think in this year and a half too many Italians have lost my life because there has been little attention to so many things that probably could have been done more. Today we learned our lesson, we don’t make mistakes. Vaccinations are the top priority. We urge the government to use the strictest possible initiatives.


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