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Covid cases in Maharashtra: Maharashtra reports 6,910 new Covid-19 cases, 147 dead | Mumbai News


MUMBAI: Maharashtra recorded 6,910 new cases of Covid-19 and 147 new deaths on Tuesday, also adding previously unreported 3,509 deaths and 2,479 infections, while 7,510 patients recovered from the viral illness, a health department official said.
The state health department said in a statement that as a result of the ongoing data reconciliation process, the number of positive cases has increased by 2,479, while 3,509 previous deaths have been added to the cumulative toll figure. After these additions, the state’s cumulative coronavirus caseload rose to 62,29,596 (6,910 plus 2,479), while the death toll rose to 1,30,753, the official said. As of Monday (July 19), Maharashtra had reported 1,27,097 Covid-19 deaths, rising by 3,656 (3,509 plus 147) to 1,30,753, the statement said.
The official said as many as 7,510 patients have been discharged from hospitals in the past 24 hours, bringing the number of recovered cases to 600,911.
The state now has 94,593 active Covid-19 cases. Maharashtra’s Covid-19 recovery rate is 96.33 percent, while the death rate rose from 2.04 percent on Monday to 2.09 percent on Tuesday, the official said.
Significantly, cities such as Malegaon, Akola and Chandrapur and Yavatmal and Gondia districts have not reported any new cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, he said. Mumbai reported 348 new cases of COVID-19 bringing the total to 7,32,152, while the death toll rose to 15,787 with the addition of 10 new fatalities.
A total of 1,034 new Covid-19 cases and 24 fatalities were reported in the Mumbai division – including the city and its satellite cities – bringing the total to 16,28,554 and the death toll to 33,867.
Of the 39 dead in the division, 23 were from Raigad district alone, the official said. The Nashik division added 700 new Covid-19 cases, while nine people died as a result of the viral illness, he said.
The Pune division’s caseload increased by 2,468 infections. Of the 37 new deaths reported in the division, 30 were from the Satara district alone, the official said.
The Kolhapur division reported 2,272 new Covid-19 infections while 55 succumbed to the disease, with rural areas of Kolhapur and Sangli representing 16 and 14 respectively, followed by 10 from Ratnagiri, the official said. The number of coronavirus cases in the Aurangabad division has increased by 78 and the number of deaths by three.
The Latur division reported 290 new cases and two deaths.
The Akola division’s caseload increased by 39, while one patient died as a result of the infection. The Nagpur division reported 29 new cases and one death, the official said. Of the Covid-19 tests done in the state so far, 1,97,267 tests have been conducted in the past 24 hours.
Currently, 5,60,354 people are in home quarantine and 3,977 in institutional quarantine statewide, he said.
The highest number of active cases, with 15,042, is in Pune district, followed by Thane and Sangli with 12,549 and 10,849 respectively.
The coronavirus figures for Maharashtra are as follows: Total number of cases 62,29,596; new cases 6,910; total number of deaths 1,30,753; total recoveries 600,911; active cases 94,593; total number of tests 4,58,46,165.



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