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Covid, a tug-of-war between the government and the Regions on the thresholds of color change


The extension of the state of emergency

The measures to deal with the possible fourth wave of Covid, which will be included in the next decree-law, are still being written and mediations continue to lead to an agreement that satisfies everyone, the directors and the various souls of the Board. Also on the discussion table is the extension of the state of emergency that expires at the end of this month: it could be extended until October 31 or, it seems, until the end of 2021.

The thresholds for switching from one color to another

The node of hospital admission thresholds remains: for the Regions, they could be raised to 15% for intensive care and 20% for hospital admissions in ordinary wards, a barrier that is expected to remain in the white zone. In any case, the parameter, which will now be more decisive than the incidence of infections, will have to be balanced with the progress of the vaccination campaign and the hospital geography of the different territories will also be taken into account. However, the government wants stricter thresholds, namely 10 and 15%. With the redefinition of the parameters, a minimum daily number of tampons will also be established, most likely 150 per hundred thousand inhabitants.

The requests of the Regions

Other proposals are also emerging from the Conference of Regions, which will be updated in the coming hours pending a meeting with government representatives: from the reduction of the number of zones – from 4 to 3 – with regard to the allocation of risk profiles to the flexibility in the assessment of parameters in small regions, up to the request to take into account the number of vaccinates in the regions. “Further discussions with the government are underway on both the revision of the parameters for the zones and the use of the green pass,” explains the president of the governors, Massimiliano Fedriga, who will announce a final position shortly.

Confronto sul green pass For now, the idea of ​​the Regions is to “use the green pass as a safe behavior to avoid closures outside the white zone”, while introducing the obligation to enter discos and major events with the pass. The use of the pass for indoor restaurants and clubs should – according to the governors – instead cover the areas outside the white zone: “A measure that would be used especially in the autumn – so they say – to prevent new closures” . Even among the political forces of the center right, the requests of those asking to avoid applications at school or in hospitals promote. However, it seems certain that issues related to the September reopening of schools or sporting events will not be addressed at the next CDM.


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