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Covid-19: GHS introduces proposals on funerals to prevent possible third wave


Ghana Health Services (GHS) says it will soon be making proposals on funerals as the agency develops strategies to prevent a possible third wave of Covid-19.

The Director General, Dr. Patrick Kuma-Aboagye, says funeral protocols like all other protocols are not being followed, hence the drafting of the new proposal.

“As part of the protocols that have been designed include how funerals etc. should be organized and just like the protocols, I think it has been adhered to not just by one group of people, but clearly by many people,” he said.

He made this announcement at the end of a two-day high-level strategic meeting on Covid-19 in Kumasi.

According to him, the new proposal will look at how to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at funerals.

“We’re in talks to come up with a proposal that will limit the spread, make it safer, and while people still go ahead and have funerals, we have funerals, we think it’s so deeply cultural that it’s not something you just throw away.” so we have a draft protocol that we share to make sure we can conduct our funerals in safety,” he said.

dr. Kuma-Aboagye, who has spoken about Ghana’s achievements in Covid-19 management, warned that the country risks a third wave if citizens’ attitudes remain the same.

“There has been a gradual increase in the number of cases in recent weeks, for example between 11 and 25 April 2021 a total of 968 cases were registered for the 2-week period compared to 2,500 registered from 1 to 14 July 2021.

“The increase in the number of cases is a concern for the GHS and this required that strategic meeting of senior managers and our partners to address the increase in these cases. Ladies and gentlemen, our current system has some inherent strengths, but all of these capabilities can be overwhelmed if we don’t avert a third wave, especially powered by a Delta variant that is highly portable,” he stated.


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