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Covid-19: ARS Occitanie warns of “exceptional growth” of the virus, hospitalizations increase in the region


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The first effects of the Delta variant and the fourth wave of Covid-19 are starting to be felt in Occitania. All indicators are red and the Regional Health Agency is warning of an “exceptional acceleration” of the virus.

It took just fourteen days for the situation in the Occitanie region to change again. Where the opening up started barely three weeks ago, the threat of the Delta variant now threatens the region.

ARS Occitanie warns of a “stunning change in incidence among 20-30 year olds”, more exposed to the virus because they are less vaccinated. The Regional Health Agency also warns of an “exceptional acceleration of the spread of the virus across the region”, which is beginning to show itself in the hospital situation.

6 new deaths to be regretted during 4 days in Occitania

Since Friday 16 July, ARS Occitanie has counted 6 new deaths in the region. The results as of March 2020 thus amount to 4,613 deaths in all health facilities (hospitals and nursing homes).

The Regional Health Service also reports an increase in hospital admissions, as 475 people are currently being treated in hospital for the coronavirus in the region, or 28 more than on Friday, July 16. Among them, 55 people are in intensive care, an increase of 3 patients in 4 days.


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