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Compensation for a professor arbitrarily fired from his job by a private university – places – accidents and cases


The civil civil court of Ras al-Khaimah obliged a private university to pay a professor (an Arab citizen) 210,667 dirhams in compensation for the damages he suffered as a result of arbitrary dismissal from his job, and in exchange for the end of his service, and required him to hand over a certificate of experience for the duration of his work, expenses and attorney’s fees.

In detail, the plaintiff filed a lawsuit stating that the defendant had signed a contract with him to work as an associate professor for a period of three years, and because of his efficiency, his employment contract was extended for another four-year contract which is in effect. in July 2025, but was surprised last February by a letter from the Human Resources Department stating that the term had ended, the employment contract and a six-month extension, without giving reasons for terminating his employment contract.

He explained that he lodged a complaint with the president of the university, and it was dismissed, noting that the employment contract between them requires a reason for the termination of the employment contract, but the defendant has violated the terms and conditions and contracted for no reason. withdrawn, prompting him to sue to demand that she pay him compensation for what he was entitled to. From material and moral damage resulting from his dismissal from his job without legal justification, as he was deprived of his only source of livelihood, he lost the opportunity to get other work and deprived him of his agreed salary, and incurred expenses and subsistence, in addition to his exposure to moral damage manifested in his grief.

The defendant’s lawyer indicated that there was a recommendation from the dean of the university to terminate the complainant’s employment contract and demanded that the lawsuit be dismissed. In the grounds of an overall judgment of the civil court it was stated that the court has decided that the wage for labour, as long as it was surrendered in execution and the employer prevented it, whether the impediment was material or legal, is equal to that the relationship is organizational or contractual.

She explained that the papers state that the employment contract was terminated before its entry into force and the terms do not work, and that if the defendant terminates the plaintiff’s work, the basis for the employee’s right to wages in the event of his willingness to do the job and the employer’s appearance is that the working relationship between them still exists, but If the relationship ends, the employee is not entitled to wages, but is entitled to compensation for the termination of his services , if the termination by the employer was arbitrary.

She added that what the defendant had done was an arbitrary dismissal, for which the plaintiff earned compensation for the damages he had suffered, represented by the loss of his source of livelihood, as achieved by one of the arbitrary dismissals, and the plaintiff earns compensation by taking into account the remaining duration of the employment contract for a period of three months. The court estimated this at 76,500 dirhams, which the defendant has to pay, on the basis that the monthly salary was 25,000 dirhams.

It stated that with respect to the plaintiff’s claim regarding the defendant’s obligation to pay the remaining months of the first contract warning period, the second contract warning salary, the end of the service award for his period of work, one-way ticket, stay cancellation and compensation for unreasonable dismissal, requires the defendant to pay the plaintiff 134 Thousand and 167 dirhams, and obliges him to cancel the plaintiff’s residence and provide him with a certificate of experience for the period of his employment, and oblige her to pay expenses and attorney’s fees, and refused other requests.

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