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Citizenship income, Meloni’s shot: “It’s like methadone for addicts, abolish it”. PD-M5s: “Shame on you, it’s a law of civilization”


“Civic income is like” methadone for drug addicts. I must abolish it”. The new political offensive to the anti-poverty measure of the first Conte government – after the joint of Matteo Salvinic e Matteo Renzi, which even the idea of ​​a referendum to abolish it as “uneducational” – comes from Giorgia Melonic. The president of Fratelli d’Italia who makes the bold comparison by presenting her book in Naples, in response to a question from the director of the Morning Federico Monga: “It’s a measure” idiot e badly done, a depressive measure for our economy, which moonlighting and the unemployment“, He attacks. “I find it shameful – he continues – that the then Minister of Economy (Giovanni Tria, ed) to the question “what have you done for the South?” replied “the citizenship income”. It’s the same principle as methadone maintenance for addicts: I don’t want to get you out from drugs but keep yourself in shape,” he argues.

“This doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be support tools,” he specifies. “We presented a universal single check, but the features must kenmerken completely different of citizenship income.” On Friday, Meloni had already lashed out against the measure, using a news report as a pretext: “In Genoa, police dug up 1,532 immigrants who found it illegal. millionaire fraud at the expense of the state and a setback for all those respectable Italians who pay taxes and who are determined to get out of this serious economic crisis,” he wrote on Facebook. “Citizenship income is one grillina madness which should be abolished immediately. We are sorry that all parties supporting Draghi voted against the agenda that called for its abolition”.

At the latest shot from the far-right leader, both the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement respond. “But not ashamed Giorgia Meloni even to think such a thing? Pride to be on the side of those who are struggling. Proud of a measure of civilization to defend,” M5S MP wrote on Twitter Lucia Azzolina, Minister of Education in the Conte II government. The economic manager of the dem is also cool Antonio Misianic: “Faced with the social catastrophe of a country where I will be in 2020 arm Im increased of a million, Giorgia Meloni’s (unfortunately not the only one) proposal is to cancel citizenship income. Obviously, income has many limits and needs to be reformed”, but “abolishing it out of the blue would mean instead surrender to their fate millions of people in need, in one of the more difficult economic and social phases of the history of our country. For this – he concludes – Meloni’s proposal is one nonsense. Yet another, which comes from the far right that sees poverty no more than a sin to atone“.

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