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Business suit. accuses India of ‘using’ FATF for political ends


Cites Jaishankar’s Comments At BJP Meeting As Revealing World Body Manipulation

India “used” the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) for political plans against Pakistan, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said, criticizing Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar for a statement taking credit for Pakistan’s pursuit of the watch list of the world organization. According to a Pakistani MFA statement on Monday, comments reported by Mr Jaishankar to a group of BJP members as part of a training workshop “confirmed” Pakistan’s repeated accusations that India had pushed for Pakistan’s 2018 gray list for ” political” rather than “technical” reasons, which continues to this day.

“India’s credentials for assessing Pakistan in the FATF as co-chair of the Joint Group or for that matter any other country are subject to questions, which we urge the FATF to investigate,” the Islamabad MFA said, adding that the Pakistani government is also considering contacting the chairman of the FATF for “appropriate action”, although it is unclear what that action would be.

On Sunday, ANI news agency reported that Mr Jaishankar had addressed members of the ruling party as part of a series of ‘e-Chintan’ workshops on Indian foreign policy performance under the Modi government. According to the report, Pakistan’s gray list of the past three years, including the most recent decision by the FATF plenary to keep Pakistan on the list of “heightened scrutiny” was cited as the result of the Indian efforts of the minister.

“Thanks to us (government), Pakistan is under the lens of the FATF and has been kept on the gray list. We have managed to put pressure on Pakistan and the fact that Pakistan’s behavior has changed is due to the pressure India has exerted through various measures,” said Mr Jaishankar.

The FATF Plenary had announced on June 25 that despite completing 26 of the 27 required tasks, Pakistan failed to complete the final task of convicting all banned UN Security Council terrorists, rendering it unsustainable for the time being. the list would be dropped, and had a further 6 points awarded to the list of tasks to be performed.

“Pakistan has consistently maintained that India has politicized the FATF. The recent Indian statement makes clear their evil intent. Manipulating a major technical forum for narrow-minded political plans against Pakistan is disgraceful but not surprising to the Modi government,” Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said in a tweet on Monday.

The State Department declined to comment on Islamabad’s statements. Following previous FATF plenary decisions when Pakistan made similar allegations, the MEA has said the FATF has “well-established standards and procedures” for graylisting and blacklisting countries.



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