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Brunei gets 8 imported Covid-19 cases from Jakarta


BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, COMPASS.com – Brunei Darussalam on Monday (19/7/2021) reported another eight imported Covid-19 cases, all from Jakarta.

The new cases bring Covid-19 in Brunei to a total of 291 people.

Launch The star, all imported cases arrived in Brunei on July 4 from Jakarta.

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According to the Brunei Ministry of Health, close contacts were not found in any of the cases.

The following is the condition and age of the eight Covid-19 patients.

  1. Cases of 284 Indonesian women aged 38 who developed fever and loss of appetite on July 16.
  2. Cases of 285 Indonesian women aged 40 who showed no signs of infection.
  3. Cases of 286 Indonesian men aged 46 years.
  4. Cases of 287 Indonesian women aged 29.
  5. Cases of 288 Indonesian women aged 36 years. Cases 286-2888 showed no symptoms.
  6. Cases of 289 Indonesian women aged 37 who have had a fever since July 16.
  7. Cases 290 Indonesian women of 21 years.
  8. Cases 291 Indonesian men aged 22 years. Cases 290-291 also showed no signs of infection.

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All new cases were tested positive while undergoing quarantine and from arrival to isolation according to standard Brinei health protocol.

Meanwhile, Brunei has not registered any local broadcasts for 438 days.

About 726 people are isoman in government control centers after arriving from abroad, while a further 22,037 people have been isolated as of March 2020.

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