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‘Bachelorette’ virgin Mike Planeta admits he ‘had oral sex’


“Bachelorette” contestant Mike Planeta may be a virgin, but he’s no saint.

“I’m not a perfect little thing, as you know, golden boy. Dude, I’m a very flawed person. As if I’m extremely flawed, ”said Planeta, 31, on Tuesday’s episode of the podcast” Talking It Out, “as he discussed his decision to abstain from sex until marriage.

“And I have said this, I have spoken to [‘Bachelorette’ Katie Thurston] about this. I am very open about this. I may not have had sex, sex, but I have gone up and I have had oral sex, ”he admitted to hosts Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo.

“For me, it was one of those moments where I, as if the two times I slipped up and did these things, were things that actually taught me the meaning of why I actually put sex on such a pedestal.”

Thurston, 30, axed Planeta out of the competition on Monday’s episode. She describes herself as “sex positive.”

Mike Planeta shirtless while cycling.
Planeta trusts that his faith abstains from sex despite the fact that he does give oral sex a try.

Planeta, a gymnast from California, acknowledged on the podcast that understanding that being a virgin who also identifies as an “extremely sexual” person can be confusing to many fans.

“I know this is a really weird thing to say because I’m waiting for marriage. As if I’m an extremely sexual guy. It’s just that I have to limit it in ways like for me until I get married, until it’s like in the right context, ”he explained.

“When people think of someone waiting, they don’t think like that [they’re a] prostitute, or they are not interested in sex, or they do not want these things, ”he continued. “No, as if I have all these invitations, probably times 10, right? These are calls that I kind of fight every single day, but it’s not about me. ”

Planeta credits his faith by giving him the necessary discipline to “take a step back” and assess how a sexual relationship will affect both himself and a potential partner.

“[Sex is] a binding thing, ”he said. “It’s a connecting thing. Just as it can mask many problems if you do not communicate and talk about many of these things.

“I just want to make it very clear how I, as a naturally selfish human being, am outside my faith,” he added. “And that’s why I stick to it so hard.”



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