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Axel Kicillof: “Vaccination against covid has taken a spectacular pace” | Act in Guaminí for the works of the last part of the Cereal Route


Buenos Aires Governor Axel Kicillof said on Tuesday that “when the coronavirus pandemic ends, we will remember those who bet that health is considered something collective”, as well as those who “They are boycotting the care stockings one by one.”

In this regard, he added: “There is pettiness and opportunism. They have not understood that it is not about winning a vote, but about protecting health and life.”

Kicillof led an act to mark the . to announce works for the pavement of the last part of the grain route, in the municipality of Guaminí, where he confirmed that the province is an industrial and agricultural power.

In this regard, he also emphasized that: vaccination against covid “has taken a spectacular pace” and stated that “in the province of Buenos Aires We went above and beyond so that no citizen of Buenos Aires would feel that the state was not there.”

“Argentina was one of the countries that vaccinated the fastest last week“, it turned out.

In this sense, he stated that his management wants to “benefit the productive sector” and that the work that remains it requires an investment of “1,900 million pesos.”

“Buenos Aires is an industrial power” said the governor, clarifying that the district is also a power in “agricultural production” and therefore the works are destined for that sector.




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