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Anti-Semitism increased by 365% in UK due to Israel-Gaza war – report


The UK suffered its worst-ever outbreak of anti-Semitic fervor in the one-month period from May to June this year since registration began in 1984, with a massive surge in anti-Semitism during the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza.

According to a new report from the Community Security Trust, an organization that tracks anti-Semitism in the UK, a total of 628 anti-Semitic hate incidents took place between May 8 and June 7, more than four times the number of incidents in the same period in 2020.

The actual percentage increase from the month before the conflict to the period from May 8 to June 7 was an incredible 365%.

CST chief executive Mark Gardner said British Jews were suffering from a campaign of racial hatred, abuse and intimidation, claiming that anti-racism campaigners ignored or even excused anti-Jewish hatred.

During the chosen period, speakers at pro-Palestinian gatherings spoke of Jewish control over the media, while anti-Semitic prayers and slogans were recited at demonstrations and Israel was compared to Nazi Germany.

A rabbi was violently assaulted and hospitalized in London in a religiously motivated attack, and a Jewish woman driving her four-year-old son wearing a skullcap was rammed into by two cars carrying Palestinian flags near Hendon, which is a has a large Jewish population.

And in another infamous incident, a convoy of cars drove through Manchester and London carrying Palestinian flags shouting through loudspeakers “F**k the Jews”, “F**k their daughters”, “F**k their mothers”, “Rape their daughters.”

Of a total of 628 incidents over the period, 585 involved language, imagery or behavior related to the conflict in Israel and Gaza, and 112 incidents involved individuals targeting random Jewish people or Jewish neighborhoods with cries of “Free Palestine”, Palestinian flags or both, including explicitly offensive or threatening language or gestures intended to insult and intimidate.

CST said it does not view slogans like “Free Palestine” or “Free Gaza” as anti-Semitic in their own right, unless they are used to deliberately attack the Jewish community in an abusive manner, such as specifically targeting Jews or spraying such words on. painting a synagogue.

In addition, 154 of the anti-Semitic incidents took place in schools and universities, almost the same number as in the entire calendar year 2019, the last year in which schools and universities were fully open.

Of the 61 incidents that occurred at universities, eight involved threats, two of which involved death threats to Jewish students.

In one incident, a student at a mainstream school in north-west England circulated a petition about Israel and Palestine, telling other students “the Jews are killing Muslims” and “the Jews are bad.”

In another attack, a Jewish student was called a “k*nt” and told “go back to the concentration camps” and “why didn’t Germany gas you all?”

And in another incident, a group of Jewish schoolgirls were going home by bus in north-west London when a non-Jewish schoolgirl from another school got on the bus and started yelling at the group “Free Palestine and f*** Israel” and “stupid Jews”.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations have also been the scene of numerous anti-Semitic incidents.

At a meeting in Manchester, a speaker claimed Jewish control over the media when he claimed that “the top 13 executives who endorse the content released by the BBC are in fact Jewish. So this means that the information released by the mainstream media will be biased.”

And a speaker at a demonstration in Bradford chanted an explicit anti-Jewish prayer in Arabic depicting Jews and Muslims as enemies, saying, “God, purge al-Aqsa from unclean people! God, let the earth tremble beneath their feet! God, lift the curse of the Jews from the Muslims in Palestine! God, support Muslim youth to protect al-Aqsa! God, support them with your soldiers! God, we ask you to let the Jews lose! God, let Islam win!”

Placards comparing Israel to Nazi Germany were common at pro-Palestinian demonstrations across the country, something the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance defines as anti-Semitic.

And at various rallies, the chant “Khaybar, Khaybar ya yahud, jaish Muhammad Sauf Ya’ud‘, meaning ‘Khaybar Khaybar oh Jews, Muhammad’s army returns’, a reference to a Quran-mentioned battle between Muslims and Jews in which the Jews were defeated.

CST says the chant “poses a threat that Muslims will kill Jews again in the present or near future” and that its chanting at anti-Israel gatherings indicates its anti-Semitic intent, “given that the historic struggle long before Zionism and the existence of the State of Israel and the chant is aimed specifically at “Jews.”

The chant was heard at a mass rally in London attended by an estimated 150,000 people, where Israeli flags were also burned as well as numerous other pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

And in another disturbing incident after a pro-Israel solidarity rally in London, a person who had been part of a small counter-demonstration said: “We will find some Jews there. We want the Zionists. We want their blood.”

The person was not arrested, but the Metropolitan Police confirmed to CST that they are investigating the incident as a possible crime of fomenting racial hatred.

The CST report notes that the identity of the perpetrators of anti-Semitic incidents in the period from May to June was markedly different from that of the perpetrators in the calendar year 2020.

In 2020, 63% of anti-Semitic attacks describing the perpetrator’s identity were committed by people described as “White – Northern European”, 17% by “Black” perpetrators, 11% by Arabs or North Africans and 6% by South Americans Asians.

But from May 8 to June 7, in the 241 of the 628 reported anti-Semitic incidents describing the identity of the perpetrator, 46% were described as Arab or North African; 22% as South Asian; 20% described as white – Northern European; and 8% as black.

“CST’s report details the racial hatred, abuse and harassment that British Jews have endured over a month-long period,” CST chief executive Mark Gardner said when publishing the report last week.

“This anti-Jewish anger was fueled by extremists and targeted everyone from schoolchildren to rabbis, and came as violence and intimidation in schools, streets and shopping malls.

“We need tougher action against the perpetrators and an end to the selective anti-racism of those who passionately oppose most racism but uniquely ignore, misrepresent or apologize for this kind of anti-Jewish hatred.”


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