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Amarinder stands by stance: No meeting until Sidhu apologizes for offensive tweets | India News


NEW DELHI: The chief minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh, who has strongly opposed Navjot Singh Sidhu’s appointment as head of state, is sticking to his condition for a formal meeting with the cricketer turned politician.
Amarinder Singh’s office tweeted on Tuesday that “CM will not meet Sidhu until he publicly apologizes for his personally derogatory social media attacks against him.”
Amarinder’s media adviser’s tweet also denied reports that Sidhu had sought time to meet Captain Amarinder Singh.
“Reports of @sherryontop seeking time to meet @capt_amarinder are totally inaccurate. No time was sought at all,” the CM’s advisor tweeted.

Amarinder Singh had made it clear during his meeting with Harish Rawat, who is in charge of the Punjab Congress, that while he will accept Sonia Gandhi’s decision on Sidhu’s appointment, he will not meet the new head of state until he publicly apologizes. has for his offensive. tweets to him.
Leading up to Sidhu’s appointment, there was a bitter political battle between the two leaders who openly traded barbs for each other.
Amarinder Singh was open about his opposition to Sidhu’s appointment as head of the state congress. He reportedly even wrote a letter to interim congress chairperson Sonia Gandhi expressing concern about the impact of this decision on the party’s prospects in the parliamentary elections, which will take place in the state early next year.
However, the Congress leadership ignored the CM’s reservations and went ahead with appointing Sidhu as head of the Punjab Congress.
After his nomination, Sidhu had said on Twitter that he would take everyone with him and met with party leaders and representatives.



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