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About Satpol PP Snaps at Angkringan Owners in Pamulang, LPSK Urges South Tangerang Walkot to Evaluate Agents


TANGSEL, COMPASS.com – The Office for the Protection of Witnesses and Victims (LPSK) called on the City Government of South Tangerang (Tangsel) to evaluate the performance of the Satpol PP in the city.

This appeal was made by LPSK Vice-Chairman Edwin Partogi Pasaribu when he responded to the action by the South Tangerang Satpol PP who shouted and threatened angkringan owners in Pamulang, South Tangerang, Sunday (7/18/2021).

“I appeal to the city government of Tangsel to evaluate its Satpol PP officials in monitoring the activities of the community,” he said by telephone on Tuesday (20/7/2021).

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According to him, the city government of South Tangerang should pay attention to their responsibilities regarding meeting the needs of residents in their area. The municipal government and its ranks should not only prohibit its citizens from carrying out economic activities.

“The obligation to prosper is actually the obligation of the government,” Edwin said.

Although the South Tangerang City Government has implemented an Emergency Community Activity Restriction (PPKM), the South Tangerang City Government and its staff must be able to understand the current state of the community.

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“We know the state of the country, but understand it without breaking the rules. Without having to show strength,” he said.

On the one hand, Edwin appealed to owners of angkringan and similar companies not to put themselves at risk in order not to be exposed to Covid-19, given the high rate of spread of the Covid-19 virus in Indonesia. However, he stressed that the actions of the Satpol PP threatening the owners of the angkringan are irrelevant.

“To the mayor of South Tangerang to evaluate and remind his officers not to do things that hurt the hearts of people who are currently experiencing economic difficulties in dealing with this pandemic,” Edwin said.

The story of the stall holder in Tangsel

The owner of the angkringan stall, Shofwan (24), revealed the events carried out by the South Tangerang Satpol PP and several other agencies.

On Sunday at 8:45 pm there was a buyer who came to the angkringan and wanted to buy food to take home.

At the same time, a number of joint employees patrolled and were about to close Shofwan’s stable.

At the close, one of the Satpol PP officers in an orange shirt shouted at Shofwan’s colleague, Hamidatur Rhosyadi (24).

Hamidatur admitted that he did not memorize the cries of the Satpol PP officers.

“I don’t remember exactly. He just said, ‘Yes, ma’am, you already know what the rules are,'” Hamidatur said.

Upon learning that his colleague had been verbally abused by officers, Shofwan argued that his booth was not accepting dinners. He only serves customers who buy food to take home.

Shofwan then took the order on his cell phone.

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However, another Tangsel Satpol PP officer asked Shofwan’s purpose for shooting the video.

“There is one Satpol PP officer come, asked, ‘Will you? to increase to the media?’. I said, ‘I made this video to anticipate violence or not,'” he said.

The officer then threatened to take Shofwan with him if the video footage spread on social media.

“Then he said in a loud voice according to the video, ‘Tomorrow if you go to the media, just bring it,'” he said.

Shofwan immediately fell silent when he received the threat.

After the situation subsided, the joint officers left the site.

Shofwan stated that there were at least two South Tangerang Satpol PP officers yelling at him and Hamidatur.

The two officers were not wearing everyday official clothes (PDH), but wore orange T-shirts with the words ‘Satpol PP’ on the back.

“The shirt on the back says ‘Satpol PP’, he’s not wearing PDH. The uniforms are both wearing orange shirts,” he said.

Compass.com has contacted the head of South Tangerang Satpol PP, Mursinah, to confirm. However, until this news was compiled, he had not responded.



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