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3 of 28 Satpol PP members who partied alcohol Positive for Covid-19, experienced fever and cough


END, COMPASS.com – The video of 28 Satpol PP members of Ende Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) partying with liquor (alcohol) went viral on social media.

Now, of the 28 Satpol PP members in the video, three have tested positive for Covid-19.

Acting head of the Ende Satpol PP, Eman Taji, explained that all members in the viral video had undergone an antigen smear on Sunday (18/7/2021).

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“They were examined two days ago for symptoms of a cold, fever and cough. After being taken by health professionals, three of them were tested positive for Covid-19,” Eman explained. Compass.com by phone, Tuesday (20/7/2021) afternoon.

He said the three people who tested positive for Covid-19 were members serving sentences in the Ende Satpol PP office cell.

“Now the remaining one is in jail. Three people who are positive for Covid-19 have returned home to undergo self-quarantine,” he said.

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Shutterstock Video Illustration

Viral Video Satpol PP alcohol party pesta

Previously reported, a video showed 28 members of the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) partying with alcohol in an office.

The video went viral on social media.

The amateur video shows a man in a Satpol PP uniform dancing with a woman dressed in black. They don’t wear masks either.

Meanwhile, several other Satpol PP members were seen sitting together drinking alcoholic beverages poured by one of the members.

The video is said to have been shot in an office in Ende Regency.

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Netizens were outraged that the Satpol PP should set a good example to the community amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Acting head of Satpol PP Ende Eman Taji confirmed that the agents recorded in the video were members.

“For those who participated in the event, I have provided disciplinary guidance with sanctions,” Eman said when confirmed compass.com, Sunday (18/7/2021) night.

Meanwhile, of the 28 members involved in the alcohol party, 21 received physical training for three days.

After that, the other four members were detained for 14 days. The other three people were sent home.



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