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WWE money in the bank 2021: Results, John Cena returns, match ratings and analysis


Roman Reigns retains the universal championship

Before the match, we got a backstage segment where Rollins accused Edge of taking him out of the title picture and declaring that he would be the next in line for the winner of the main event. It played into goal as the Reigns would retain their Universal Championship with the help of Seth Rollins.

The fight began with a staredown and dueling “Let’s go Roman! / Let’s go Edge!” chants. The match started slowly, light on big moves and heavy on teams. It has been Roman Reigns’ modus operandi (long, fast-paced main event battles) and is probably also to give the audience a chance to gather energy after the explosive ladder battle they just saw. Things turn around when Reigns puts his fist to a Superman Punch, but Edge counts into a rollup, then they level each other up with simultaneous big boots.

Edge mounted a comeback, which led to him locking Reigns in an STF and then transitioning to a cross. Reigns sold with distinctive expertise before the rope is caught. Edge then went for a spear, but Reigns countered it to a guillotine. Edge escapes the team, where I tackle both men outside, where Reigns goes for his own spear – but Edge moved and made Reigns go down through the barricade. Edge then rolls into the ring to stop the referee’s count and then rolls out again and immediately levels reigns with a spear. He rolls Reigns within two counts. Good things.

We get a ref bump as the match reaches a fourth gear. Reigns clocks Edge with a Superman Punch that makes Edge knock into the referee. Reigns dismantles a chair on the outside and brings in the steel leg after Edge used the same part of a chair to strangle Reigns in WrestleMania and on SmackDown. Edge slides out and blocks Reigns with a header and then puts Reigns in the transverse surface with the chair leg.

Usos comes down to help Reigns, but they are blocked by Mysterio before they can break Edge’s cross on Reigns. With the referee still out, Rollins hits the ring and breaks the grip by hitting Edge with a super kick. Reigns shoots for a spear, but Edge counts with his own spear. A new judge slips in for two counts. Store stuff.

Edge sets up for another spear, but Rollins comes to the apron. Edge boots him off – then he turns around to eat a giant spear from Reigns. Reigns preserves. Rollins hits the ring to knock Edge down after the fight, but Edge fights back and they fight into the crowd.

Rating: 4.25 stars. Scientific pace, intense action, explosive finish. What to expect from a Roman Reigns main event in 2021.


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