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Weekly Horoscopes for the Week of July 19 by the Cut


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On Wednesday night, love planet Venus enters the Earth sign Virgo, and grand, extravagant gestures lose some of their charm. Instead, you find beauty and intimacy in small, practical gestures, in just standing up for each other. Then, on Thursday morning, the sun enters a bright and confident Leo. This is the season to express yourself, to be seen and appreciated, to find true joy in generosity. Finally, on Friday night, a full moon in Aquarius illuminates your wild individuality, but it also reminds you that you are not alone. There is a place in this world for you, just the way you are: unique and completely yourself.

Constantly moving forward is a way to feel useful in this world, as if your ideas and energy are not lost. But remember that this is not the nothing but way to live a valuable life. You don’t have to continuously innovate, move forward, create. You don’t always have to know what the future holds. This week offers you the chance to take a break, at least for a moment. You can take a break from moving forward and up, from trying to wish yourself somewhere else. There is plenty to be found right where you are. Sometimes it’s enough to just turn into.

It’s hard to face the fact that you can’t control other people. You can’t tell them what to do or how to feel, you can’t force anyone to be kinder, more competent, more generous. Still, it’s tempting to keep trying, forever hoping that sheer determination will move mountains. This week you have better things to do than try to change someone else. There are those who will never give you what you desire, but there are others who will. Focus on those who nurture and support you, who can provide you with the dependable love you need.

Your mind is so fast and alive, and sometimes it seems like everyone can barely keep up. Life develops gradually and change takes much longer than you would like; you’re constantly fighting a pace that keeps dragging you down. This week, do your best not to compete with the rhythm of the world, but to match it. If you’re asked to take it slow, try it. If news comes less often than you want, then let it. You have your job to do, and it will take as long as it takes. The goal now is not to do it all quickly, but to do it right.

It’s rare that you really understand your emotions as you experience them. Growth is almost impossible to recognize, except in retrospect. But this week could be one of those times when you can see that you’re learning, while it’s still happening. You feel that you are working out something important, solving a puzzle, leveling up. The change may be small, the transition a small one in the big picture of your life, but try to appreciate it anyway: this realization to become wiser, your heart bigger, your vision clearer.

You understand better than anyone that you don’t need an excuse to love yourself. You also don’t need justification to seek the care and admiration of others. It can be hard to remember this in a culture where so many people never get what they need. But this week you can cut through all the noise to get back to the truth: your own capacity for love is enormous. You can love those around you with utmost generosity and still have enough for yourself. You don’t have to ration your sweetness and heat. You have enough to share and enough to keep.

This week you might be in desperate need of some magic: something to brighten the future and make the present less chaotic, something to calm the storms in your head. It is possible that you want to grow up, to show your power in a dramatic way to the world and to yourself. But it’s worth starting a little smaller. First, try to organize the physical space around you: sweep the floors or organize your books or clean the windows to let in the light. There is an astonishing beauty in what seems ordinary at first glance.

Sometimes it feels like you’re hungry for support that never comes. Even when you make your needs known, even when you make your needs known, everyone is too distracted, too careless, too preoccupied with their own problems to provide the care you need. In the end you will be loved and encouraged the way you want. And for now, while you’re still waiting, don’t let it stop you from living. This week will give you the courage you need to keep going, to keep trying, to maintain a clear and unstoppable faith in yourself.

It can feel like you’re always arguing over leftovers with those around you, constantly locked in the battle for every little bit of attention, affection, good news. There never seems to be enough happiness in the world, never even enough fun to go around. But this week, you can rethink the role of competition in your life. Success doesn’t have to be zero. At present, it is possible to turn rivalry into solidarity, even friendship. It is possible to find comfort and affection with others. The stress of antagonism can turn into the joyful magic of cooperation.

There is a lot of pressure on you to perform, to have a brave face, to live up to the expectations of others. You try really hard to be as strong or as nice or funny as they want you to be. But it is possible that other people’s ideas about you weigh too heavily, weighing you down to the point of being unable to move. This week, as always, it’s your right to act as you please, to be sharper or stranger or softer than anyone else expects. None of them get to decide how you’re going to live. Only you can do that.

You’ve been playing defense for so long, focused on self-protection. Even as you build friendships and community, even as you fight for a better world together with people you love dearly, there is a part of you that is wary, closed off, aware of all the dangers that pollute the landscape . This is not a foolish approach; many of your fears are in fact well-founded. But at least for now, it’s worth being on your guard. You will be rewarded for your openness, daring, honesty – for living with all your heart, courageous and unashamed.

Your fantasy is filled with grand and wondrous scenes; you have a real talent for coming up with daring projects and conceiving new worlds. The hardest thing is not to have big ideas, but to bring them to life in our ordinary, difficult reality. It may seem like your bold plans require equally bold action, but this week don’t despise the small steps that must also be taken. There is beauty in the everyday and immeasurable value in the humble deeds that grow slowly, steadily. By taking small steps, you don’t give up on your wild dreams, but you build the foundation for them.

People sometimes talk about self-confidence as if it is an innate quality you have or not. But in reality it can be developed and nurtured. It comes and goes. It lives in you, but it also reacts to your environment, the people around you, the ways in which others reflect your image back to you. If your confidence has been shaky lately, if you’ve felt less smart and less brave, it doesn’t mean you’ll never believe in yourself again. This week, the world is showing you the best, bravest version of yourself and you can regain your confidence in yourself.

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