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Sicily, here are the official data


Teachers, over 60 and over 80. The latest report from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers with updated data

CATANIA – “The unvaccinated keep dying”. The appeals of scientists and virologists are not enough, such as Carmelo Iacobello, head of the Cannizzaro of Catania.

There is a large proportion of Sicilians who have deliberately chosen not to be vaccinated and who, in the midst of the pandemic, are at risk of bearing the consequences themselves, putting their loved ones at risk as well.

7 months after the start of the vaccination campaigns, official data from the Ministry of Health shows that not a few refuse vaccines. Here are the details.

Vaccination category older than 80 years

The first table is that of vaccinations linked to categories older than 80 years.
In this case, Sicily accounted for 77.18% of subjects who received the first dose or the single dose, compared to the national average of 92.60%.
The figure drops to 72.04% with regard to the administration of vaccinated people with the second dose (national average of 89.02%).

Vaccination Age category 70-79 years

With regard to the age between 70 and 79 years, the data from a Sicily of 76.85% in terms of the first dose or the single dose speaks to an average of the national percentage which stands at 87.41%.
In the same category, the vaccinated are 62.45% (national average of 69.86%).

Vaccination Age category 60-69 years

In the age group between 60 and 69, Sicily stands at 71.01%, while the national percentage is ten percentage points higher (81.31%) among those who have taken at least the first dose.
The average drops to 50.99% compared to those who also received the second dose (national average of 56.35%).

Vaccination of school staff

As for school staff, only 56.62% received at least the first dose of vaccine with a national figure standing at over 84% instead.
51.10% of school staff received both doses of the vaccine (national average of 77.17%).


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