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Ronciglione’s yellow, “It wasn’t him who threw Maria Sestina Arcuri down the stairs”: Andrea Landolfi acquitted – Corriere.it


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Maria Sestina Arcuri died in February 2019. In September, her fiancé Andrea Landolfi was jailed on charges of voluntary manslaughter and culpable homicide. His son had imitated the scene with a hug

The 32-year-old Roman was acquitted with full formula by the court of assizes of the court of Viterbo Andrea Landolfi, charged with voluntary manslaughter and wrongful death of his 26-year-old girlfriend, Maria Sestina Arcuri, who died after falling down the stairs at her friend’s grandmother’s house in Ronciglione in February 2019.

Landolfi after the sentence, pronounced later more than 10 hours of council chambers, released. The heavy request of the prosecution, represented by prosecutor Franco Pacifici, suspended him to 25 years in prison.

Maria Sestina Arcuri had fallen down the stairs of a villa in Ronciglione, near Viterbo, around at 2 a.m. between February 3 and 4, 2019 and died on February 6 at Belcolle Hospital. Seven months later, in September 2019, Landolfi ended up in prison: according to the prosecution’s contention, he pushed his girlfriend up the stairs of the villa in Ronciglione, where they spent the weekend, killing her after the Two There have been several quarrels mainly related to Sestina’s alleged decision to end the relationship. The girl’s family had filed a civil suit.

In the judicial history leading up to Landolfi’s arrest, his short-tempered and violent nature was outlined (confirmed by the testimonies of his ex) and the court had judged the story of the suspect’s son, aged 5, as very clear. , that he had witnessed the fall of Maria Sestina and had it? imitated to a psychologist with a hug by Topo Gigio: Her father tried to hug Sestina, she pushed him away, he lifted her over the parapet and dropped her: Bam.

Landolfi always said he was innocent, Maria Sestina’s family never believed in the accident statement.

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