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Pegasus Row: Amazon Closes Infrastructure and Accounts Linked to NSO

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The infrastructure and accounts linked to NSO Group, the Israeli surveillance company that sells the Pegasus spyware, has been shut down by Amazon Web Services (AWS), vice said in a statement citing Amazon.

The move comes a day after a global joint research project revealed that Pegasus spyware targeted people in several countries, including more than 300 mobile phone numbers in India.

“When we learned of this activity, we acted quickly to shut down the relevant infrastructure and accounts,” an AWS spokesperson told Motherboard.

The targets in India include two sitting ministers in Narendra Modi’s government, three opposition leaders, a constitutional authority, several journalists and businessmen.

The Wire, a digital news platform part of the partnership, reported Sunday that the leaked global database of 50,000 phone numbers was first consulted by French nonprofit Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International, then shared with 16 media partners: The Guardian, Washington Post, Le Monde, Suddeutsche Zeitung and 11 other Arab and European organizations.

The report stated that Pegasus malware sent information from the infected phone “to an Amazon CloudFront service,” Vice said in its report.

CloudFront is a content delivery network from Amazon. It “securely delivers data, videos, applications and APIs to customers worldwide with low latency, high transfer rates, all within a developer-friendly environment,” according to the official website.

Meanwhile, Union Home Secretary Amit Shah lashed out at the Congress of the opposition and international organizations on Monday for suggesting that the government was involved in tapping the phones of politicians, journalists and others, saying such “impediments” and “disruptors” will not be able to derail India’s development trajectory with their conspiracies.

“This is a report from the disruptors for the hurdles. Disrupters are global organizations that do not want India to make progress. Obstructors are political players in India who do not want India to make progress. The people of India are very good at understanding this chronology and connection,” Shah said.



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