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Katie Hopkins: Australia to Deport British Columnist After Covid Quarantine Breach


Hopkins flew to Sydney to appear on Seven Network’s reality TV show Big Brother VIP, according to Australian media. But she sparked public outcry when she posted a video to Instagram where she joked about opening the door naked and maskless to people delivering meals while she was in hotel quarantine.

All arrivals in Australia must be quarantined at a hotel for two weeks, where people must put on a mask before meals are delivered and then wait 30 seconds to collect the food to prevent transmission.

Hopkins’ video – which was later removed – sparked public anger as thousands of Australians were unable to return to the country. Australia has been limiting the number of citizens it allows for months, and foreigners are not allowed to enter unless they are given a special dispensation.

Amid mounting criticism, Australian Home Secretary Karen Andrews ordered a review of the decision to grant Hopkins a visa, saying Monday the government had decided to expel the commentator.

“All visa holders must abide by the health regulations of our health officials. We will not tolerate those who do not,” Andrews told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “We’ll get her out of the country as soon as we can arrange that.”

The saga is the latest chapter in Hopkins’ controversial career in which she has sparked outrage with incendiary commentary against immigrants, even receiving criticism from the United Nations head of human rights.

Hopkins was forced to leave several UK media outlets in 2017 due to public reactions, and has recently used Instagram to question the seriousness of the pandemic and the scale of the government’s response.



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