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How to use Instagram ads


Instagram is one of the best advertising social networks. It has developed into an advertising platform as big as its parent company Facebook. In fact, according to Statista, by 2023, the site may have more than 1 billion users.

The best option for Instagram success is to share stunning visuals and high-quality photos.

Add a brand or target tag, and you will instantly connect with your ideal customers.

If you want to further expand your reach, Instagram advertising is the best choice.

If you are not sure how to use Instagram ads, or you are worried about their cost, please read on to learn how to run effective Instagram ads for any budget.

Why advertise on Instagram?

Instagram is growing, and growing rapidly.

There are more than 200 million business accounts on Instagram, and this number does not seem to decrease anytime soon.

The incredible growth of the platform is for good reason. Marketers know it’s worth it: by 2021, Instagram’s advertising revenue could reach $18.16 billion.

Instagram not only grew significantly, but also brought some considerable cash to the business. It attracts a large number of big brands, because advertising there is very worthwhile. Even if you are not a multi-million dollar brand, Instagram advertising is still as important to you (if not more important).

This is why businesses of any size should consider Instagram as a way to promote their brands, services or products:

  1. Anyone can advertise on the platform.
  2. You can use Facebook data to target your audience, because Facebook owns Instagram.
  3. Audience participation is unlimited. Companies can interact with users in the comments section of their photos.
  4. Post ads look like any other shared posts on Instagram, which makes them feel less compelling.
  5. There are many ways to place ads on Instagram, including stories, videos, IGTV, and shopping ads.

Whether you want to increase brand awareness, get more website clicks, generate sales, or increase downloads of the latest e-books, Instagram can help you attract a large audience.

What is the advertising format of Instagram?

Instagram provides a series of Instagram ads for you to use, allowing you to freely create, make spectacular things and achieve your goals. Here are some options to explore, and some information on how to use each option effectively.

1. Photo Advertising

As you scroll, photo ads will naturally appear in your Instagram feed. Instagram photo ads look like posts from any account you already follow, but will include a little “sponsored” symbol in the corner to let people know they are watching the ad. These ads include a call-to-action button at the bottom to push people to a specific URL or your Instagram account.

These are very useful if you have a truly evocative photo to share your information. Instagram recommends this type when you want to promote a specific product or message. Keeping it simple can help you stand out and attract attention when people scroll.

You can use this format to promote your past Instagram posts, so look for the most popular posts and click “Promote” to get started.

2. Carousel ads

Carousel Instagram ads take photo advertising to a new level. Using this style, you can create up to 10 photos or videos in one ad.

Just like photo ads, they exist in Instagram news feeds, but each photo or video can be linked to a different URL or location.

This allows you to showcase a product line or group of products.

If you’re not sure whether to choose between photo ads and carousel ads, consider what you want to promote. Resist the urge to view carousel ads as a way to cram more photos into ads. They should work together and make sense as a whole.

Photo advertisements are like single-page advertisements in magazines or newspapers, while carousel advertisements themselves are like appearance brochures or mini catalogs. These are good choices when you announce a new product line or seasonal series.

3. Video Ads

Video Instagram ads are just as they sound. Just like carousel ads and photo ads, they appear in Instagram feeds. You can post ads as short as one second or as long as 60 minutes, or any time in between.

When you create a video ad for Instagram, you need to think about your goals. You can choose to provide a lot of information in the video for entertainment or education, or you can use this ad as a trailer for people to click to learn more about your brand.

Again, here you need to consider which of the news feeds is best for you-photos, videos or carousels. Videos allow you to share more dynamic content, but people must stop scrolling to see everything. You need to get their attention quickly in the early stages of the video.

4. Instagram shopping

Instagram Shopping Ads are an interactive option used to display your products in the Instagram feed or the Explore section of Instagram. With Instagram shopping ads, you can add shopping links to your photos for viewers to click and learn more about the product, and you can even buy directly from the Instagram app.

You need to set up an Instagram store to use this advertising option. If your brand uses the Instagram store feature, this is a smart next step to promote your products to new audiences.

You can use floorplans, real-world images, or other detailed product photos, and create tags to point people to locations where they can buy directly. If you have a unique product, perhaps with seasonal or local characteristics, that would be great.

5. Creator

Nowadays, social media influencers play an important role in the field of content marketing. Brand creator ads are an integral part of this game. They can contain photos or videos organically created by one Instagram account, and another shared as an advertisement.

In order to achieve this, the Instagram creator account needs to provide business partners or the brands they work with with permission to share that particular post.

These types of advertising build on the existing relationship between the creator and the brand. If you are already working with influencers, these are great ways to showcase the organic content they create using your product or service.

6. Scroll

Instagram reel ads are advertisements between reel videos. They follow the same format as the Instagram reel video, making ads feel like a natural part of the reel video source. Instagram scroll ads can be up to 30 seconds long and play in a loop on a full vertical screen. You can think of them as the TikTok format of Instagram.

If you have compelling and compelling short video content that people may participate in and share, then you may want to use this format of Instagram ads. Consider the features required for viral video.

7. Story

More than 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day, so why not use your own Instagram ads? Just like other Instagram ad types, Snapshot ads are placed locally in the Snapshot environment, so your target audience can see the content when scrolling through the stories of the accounts they follow.

In order to take full advantage of these types of advertising, Instagram recommends using action-centric content and putting information in the front to adapt well to the fast-paced nature of the story.


IGTV is one of the latest Instagram advertising models available to creators. These ads start to play on ads clicked by Instagram users, just like video ads on YouTube or other video platforms. IGTV ads can be up to 15 seconds long, so you should follow most of the same recommendations as above to communicate your message in advance.

Examples of great Instagram ads

Let’s take a look at real Instagram advertising success stories.

1. Mud/WTR

A good example of Instagram advertising-MUD_WTR

MUDWTR did a lot of right things with their Instagram ads. This is an example of the Stories ads they serve. The content looks very organic and comes from the creator of the content on Instagram, including the text description at the bottom. They also include a series of stories, not just one story. The story is set up in a narrative way and attracts your attention from the beginning. In addition, they also run regular photo and video ads, so when you scroll through Instagram, they tend to be everywhere.

2. Wool &

A great example of Instagram advertising-wool

When you scroll through Instagram and video ads at will, you will encounter challenges. Wool& used their Instagram ads to promote their 100-day challenge, and they invited users to wear their products for 100 days and earn $100. This is a simple challenge that attracts your attention. May ignore another dress picture.

3. Nails

A good example of Instagram advertising-Nailboo

The starting image just makes you cringe, doesn’t it? It is effective because you can almost feel it. Red nail polish on white carpet. Damn. The video ads from there move quickly through information about their products, almost crazy, promising to prevent this from happening. It conforms to the dynamics of fast-moving platforms and touches pain points from the beginning.

4. Breaker

A great example of Instagram advertising-Dechoker

Another example of Instagram advertising, which touches emotions from the beginning, is a bit sketchy. Sometimes you cannot look away. This one uses the warmth of children’s photos and the narrative of what their products prevent. This is also a very simple product and news, another important function. If people have to wonder what you are doing, they will continue to scroll.

5. Give cake now

    Great Instagram Advertising Example-Send Cake Now

From Candid camera to America’s most interesting family videos, There is a lot of entertainment evidence that we like to watch pranks. Send a Cake Now is played by playing videos of people opening the product, which will launch birthdays and celebrations in their way. It is very suitable for Instagram, with homemade fast moving videos. You definitely want to stop and see who will be surprised next.

Frequently Asked Questions about Instagram Advertising

Should I advertise on Facebook and Instagram at the same time?

Choosing to run Facebook or Instagram ads depends on your target market and the platform they use most often. You can also run on both platforms.

Can I create Instagram ads without an Instagram account?

You can use the Facebook business page to set up Instagram ads.

Is the Instagram promotion worth it?

Instagram promotions can help you reach more people on Instagram. If you have a popular photo or video post, it may be worth promoting to a wider audience.

Instagram advertising conclusion

Instagram ads can help you elevate the social media marketing game by increasing the number of people viewing a particular post or expanding the audience you organically engage with through the post.

With a range of different photo and video formats, you can choose the format that best suits your content and target audience, and share your brand story.

If you find that your customers are hanging out on Instagram, you may want to check Instagram ads to convey the message to more people.

What is the best Instagram ad you have ever seen?

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