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Eternal Funeral Home West Jakarta denies imposing IDR 45 million cremation fee


JAKARTA, COMPASS.com – The Eternal Funeral Home in West Jakarta denies having a cremation rate of Rp. 45 million. The funeral home said there was no cremation service.

“Our business includes ambulances, crates and funeral homes. There is no cremation,” said Indra Paulus Business Development for the Eternal Funeral Home, Monday (7/19/2021).

He said the denial was related to the news circulating on social media. A photo of the receipt for the Eternal Funeral Home service in Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta, was circulating on social media.

The memorandum in circulation stated that the total bill of the funeral home was Rp 80 million. amounted to. The details concern a chest of Rp. 25 million, transportation of Rp. 7.5 million, cremation of Rp. 45 million and a cure of Rp. 2.5 million.

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The note shows the head of the Eternal Funeral Home.

The photo is linked to an earlier chain message that told of a cremation cartel. The news about the cremation card was written by Martin, a resident of West Jakarta. Martin suspects that in the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic, there are parties that unreasonably allow cremations to take place.

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Indra stated that it was true that the note was issued by his side. However, the cremation is performed by a third party, not his party. It only helps to connect the family of the corpse to the crematorium.

About a week ago, his troupe received a request from a family to find a cremation service. When there are clients requesting cremation services, Abadi Funeral Home usually refers to two cremation sites, namely Oase and Sentra Medika.

According to Indra, the price of cremation in the Oasis is between Rp. 15-20 million. While at the Medika Center for Rp. 28.8 million. However, both locations filled up when the family asked for help finding a cremation service.

The funeral home then offered to use the funeral service at the TPU. However, the family still wants the body to be cremated.

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Due to the family’s urgency, the funeral home contacted the crematorium that had offered cremation services.

“Many (crematoria) are bell here offer, yes, as soon as possible, because the family quickly asked for it, we searched and found it in Cirebon (West Java). We offer a prize of Rp 45 million and give the decision back to the family,” said Indra.

The family agreed to pay for the service at that price. Because that had been agreed, a payment note was issued which then went viral on social media.

The rate of Rp 45 million, Indra said, includes the cost of cremation, larung, urn and prayer services.

Indra stated that the line of bodies at the crematorium began in July 2021. The body had to wait a week before it was his turn to be cremated.

“So it’s not from here but from a third party. So we don’t have cremations, so we have fun, never,” said Indra.

Is there a cremation cartel?

Previously, a chain message titled “Expressed by the Cremation Cartel” went viral on social media. The victim named Martin revealed that the increase in cremation rates to be spent during the Covid-19 pandemic could reach Rp 80 million.

In the message, Martin, a resident of West Jakarta, said his mother passed away on July 12, 2021. The DKI Jakarta Cemetery Service helped find a cremotrium for his mother.

Then we were approached by a person claiming to be the funeral director who said the cremation package was Rp 48.8 million. the body could be cremated immediately in Karawang and that it had to be done quickly because other hospitals wanted to take this place too.‘ Martin wrote in the message.

Martin said he was surprised by the fees the officers mentioned. The reason is that, six weeks earlier, Martin’s brother died and was cremated at a cost of less than Rp 10 million. Two weeks later, Martin’s brother and daughter also died of Covid-19. At that time the cost was Rp. 24 million per person.

How did the price rise so high in such a short time?said Martin.

Martin tried to contact several crematoria in the Greater Jakarta region. Most, however, did not pick up the phone from him. While some who picked up the phone said the crematorium was full.

Martin tried to get in touch with the party that arranged his brother’s cremation. However, the party said the costs had skyrocketed, as the official who claimed to be from the funeral service said.

“Then he also offered Rp 45 million, the body can also be cremated immediately but tomorrow in Cirebon. We also received several contacts from our friends who used to take care of the cremation. It turns out that slots can be found but there is a price ranging from Rp 45 million to Rp 55 million‘ said Martin.

Meanwhile, the hospital urged Martin and his family to remove the body immediately. Because of the urgency, the family chose to cremate at Karawang, a crematorium provided by officers who claim to be from the cemetery service.

Unfortunately, the officer said the cremation site in Karawang had been taken by someone else. However, the officer said his friend would find another place. Not long after, the officer informed him that he had a cremation site for the next five days, in a suburban crematorium at a cost of Rp 65 million.

Immediately we understood that the cartel had taken control of the service for the cremation of the relatives of the victims of C-19 at a rate of 45 to 65 million.said Martin.

Martin and his family decided to cremate his mother’s body in Cirebon, West Java. The next day, Martin and his family arrived in Cirebon around 9:30 AM WIB. Meanwhile, Martin’s mother’s hearse arrived at 7 a.m. WIB. Martin and his family then checked the contents of the box brought by the car.

It turned out that there was still a coffin in the hearse, apparently one car was transporting two bodies at the same timesaid Martin.

While waiting for his turn to cremate, Martin talked to the cremation administrator. The cremation administrator said there was only one cremation price, which is IDR 2.5 million.

However, you will be charged extra when you have to perform Covid-19 procedures. There must be the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE), spraying and the like. However, the additional cost is only a few hundred thousand rupiah.

How convenient it is for this cartel to “rob” the next of kin, because the cost of the coffin and the cost of a hearse (one car and two corpses) should not reach Rp. wrote Martin.



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