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DKI DPRD Members Receive Ahok’s Report on Cremation Rates Rising Hundreds of Millions of Rupiahs


JAKARTA, COMPASS.com – Commissioner E DPRD Ima Mahdiah admitted that he has received two reports regarding the cost of cremation of the bodies of Covid-19 patients, which raised hundreds of millions of rupiahs.

The first report was received by Ima from the former governor of DKI Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama of Ahok. He said Ahok’s friend’s parents died from exposure to Covid-19 and had to be cremated.

“By the way, the one (report) I sent with Pak Ahok at the time happened to be his friend’s parents died, but there is no place for Covid cremation in Jakarta for those (operated) by the regional government, while the place is private full and the price is high,” said Ima Monday (19/7/2021) when contacted by phone.

“Secondly, I received a report from a resident of West Jakarta, he said that the price (rate) was very high for cremation only,” he added.

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Ima said that, still in the reports he received, residents claimed they were being offered cremation services for Covid-19 patients outside of Jakarta at the rate of hundreds of millions of rupiahs.

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According to Ima, the high rate could be due to the increasing demand for cremation during the Covid-19 outbreak.

“It’s just a funeral and cremation, up to how many hundreds of millions. Maybe because it’s in high demand,” he said.

However, such an unreasonable increase in rates cannot be tolerated. If, according to the PDI-P politician, the rate increase is only limited to additional costs for personal protective equipment (PPE) and disinfection, there is a good chance that the patient’s family will understand.

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“If there is an increase in additional PPE, that still makes sense, but if the increase is unreasonable, it is unfortunate for them. Their bodies are indeed the funeral procedures to be cremated,” he said.

For this reason, he asked the provincial government of DKI Jakarta to provide crematorium facilities for residents whose bodies were being cremated.

“Because the government has to be present in all segments, not just one particular segment,” he said.

Ima claimed that his request received an immediate response from DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan.

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He said Anies had stated that he was willing to establish a crematorium under the leadership of the DKI Jakarta provincial government.

“I asked again when it went viral, I asked him (Anies) on the 25th if a new one could be opened,” Ima said.

Note that there are currently no crematorium facilities that serve the cremation of the bodies of Covid-19 patients.

There are three crematoria in Jakarta and all are privately owned and do not provide services for the cremation of the bodies of Covid-19 patients.

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Meanwhile, private crematoriums that receive the cremation of Covid-19 bodies are located outside the Jakarta area, such as Oasis, Tangerang; Medika Center, Cibinong; and Lestari, Kerawang.

Because they are not in the Jakarta area and the intensity of the hearse is quite crowded during the pandemic, Suzi said the DKI provincial government could not help much, even taking the bodies to cremation sites outside of Jakarta.

“Black Cross officers do not deliver corpses to private cremation sites outside of Jakarta. People who wish to cremate their relatives can do so independently and ensure that costs go directly to private cremation sites, not through unscrupulous individuals,” Suzi said in a statement. written explanation. statement, Sunday (18/7/2021).



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