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Conor McGregor has chronic arthritis, NAC asked about tape


In the wake of Conor McGregor’s broken leg and his subsequent allegations, the UFC was aware of a pre-existing injury, promotion president Dana White says ankle problems existed long before UFC 264.

In an interview with “Watters’ World” on Fox News, White was asked if it was known that McGregor was dealing with an injury. White then revealed that McGregor has been dealing with “chronic arthritis” for years, but did not directly address Irish claim that he almost withdrew due to a known stress fracture.

“(McGregor) has had ankle problems for the last couple of years,” White said. “He had asked if he could lose his ankles in this game, and he got permission to do so from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and then he chose not to lose them. I do not know why. He has chronic arthritis in his ankles. ”

McGregor, 33, broke his leg with seconds left in the first round of his trilogy match on July 10 against rival Dustin Poirier. The match was canceled by the cage’s side doctor, and McGregor underwent a successful operation the next day.

Shortly afterwards, McGregor released a selfie video in which he stated that Dana White and UFC doctor Dr. Davidson was aware of stress fractures prior to UFC 264.

“I was injured in the fight,” McGregor said. “People asked me when the leg was broken – at what time did the leg break? Ask Dana White. Ask the UFC. Ask Dr. Davidson, the chief physician of the UFC. They knew. My leg – I had stress fractures in my leg that went into the cage. There was debate about pulling the case out because I sparred without shins and I kicked.

His comments come days after NAC CEO Bob Bennett said Friday that the commissioning body was not aware of any serious injury before the match.

“If we ever consciously had information that a warrior was not fit to fight, we would not let them compete,” Bennett told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “It would go to a doctor, and a doctor would make that decision as an expert.”

As for McGregor’s future, White is uncertain. A year-long timeline for McGregor’s recovery is expected, and White is waiting to see how things play out.

“It will take him a year to recover from this before he can come back, so I do not know,” White said. “We’ll see. Fighting is a tough game, and the kid has cemented a massive legacy for himself and made a lot of money. We’ll see how the rest of his career plays out.”

UFC 264 took place on Saturday, July 10 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The motherboard is streamed on pay-per-view after preliminary on ESPN / ESPN +.



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