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A police officer prevented a young woman from being robbed, killed a motor jet in the back and was arrested


He is charged with “murder by disproportionate legitimate defense to third parties” (Photo: Arriba Argentinos arrest).

A girl walked in alone burzaco, when she was surprised by two motor jets trying to… attack her. Desperate, she screamed and was heard by a Buenos Aires police officer who was at her house. The money left the house with his service weapon and shouted. There was a shoot, the police officer killed shot in the back one of the thieves and was arrested.

The attempted assault that ended the life of one of the robbers was in Italy and Andrade, Burzaco, on Sunday afternoon. The money, Leonel Ariel Moyano, was in his house when he heard the screams and cries of the woman trying to rob two thieves.

The officer works in the Local Prevention Police Unit, he left the house and saw two thieves on a motorcycle trying to steal the victim’s belongings. He yelled and there was a shooting. During the confrontation, the policeman shot one of the thieves in the back with his regulatory 9-millimeter Bersa Thunder.

The criminals tried to escape and while fleeing, the bullet wounded robber fell on the corner of Andrade and Paraguay. They found him dead, lying on the asphalt. His relatives showed up at the scene and identified him as Ezequiel Miño.

The investigation was in the hands of the prosecutor Javier Martínez of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 8 of Lomas de Zamora. Ordered the Detention de Moyano, who is charged with “manslaughter for excessive self-defense by third parties”.

The investigation was conducted by the gendarmerie, and a police doctor determined that Miño’s body had an entrance hole through the back at the level of the loins on the left side.

A police officer killed a thief with two shots who tried to rob him

It was in Merlo, when the money went to a remisería to get to work (Photo: Télam).

At the beginning of the month, a member of the city police killed a thief that he tried to attack him in Merlo, while he was going to a remisería to travel to work in the city of Buenos Aires.

The security cameras in the area you visited Foreground online show that the money was in civilian clothes and Fleming and Florentino Ameghino when he was caught by an armed robber.

The criminal took out her bag and tried to shoot her, but the projectile did not come out. After a struggle, the officer drew his gun and… shot him six times. Two of the shots hit the abdomen. He was seriously injured and was taken to Eva Perón de Merlo Hospital, where, he died hours after entry.



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