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Vinay Prakash Appoints Twitter’s India-Based Complaints Officer Amid Issues With Center


New IT rules: Twitter had asked for eight weeks to appoint a complaints officer in India. (representative)

New Delhi:

Twitter India has appointed an Indian national as its grievance officer needed under the country’s new digital rules. On his website, Twitter named Vinay Prakash as his Resident complaints officer and provided an email contact ID. The appointment comes amid a huge stalemate with the government since March, when the new rules came into effect.

“In accordance with Rule 4(1)(d) of the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, we published our inaugural report on July 11, 2021 for the reporting period of May 26, 2021 through to June 25, 2021,” the social media giant also said on its transparency center page.

Twitter appointed an interim chief compliance officer earlier this month and said it would soon appoint two other executives on a temporary basis to comply with the new IT rules. It also asked for eight weeks from the Delhi High Court to appoint a complaints officer in the country and said it would make its first compliance report public by July 11.

But the court, hearing the case on Thursday, said Twitter will not enjoy legal protection if it does not follow India’s new information technology rules.

The court asked Twitter to submit an affidavit disclosing these details within two weeks and also asked all interim officials to submit affidavits stating that they would take responsibility for the tasks assigned to them. .
The social media giant has already been named in four cases in different states.

In June, lawsuits were filed against Twitter in Ghaziabad and Madhya Pradesh and Delhi in connection with tweets about the alleged attack on a Muslim man and the issue of child pornography.

Twitter lost legal protection against prosecution of user posts after it failed to comply with new digital rules, including the appointment of Indian officials for the grievances and redress system.

The social media giant had initially clashed with the government over the new IT rules, which it said violated the Constitution.

The spat intensified after it tagged tweets from BJP leaders on an alleged “Congress toolkit” as “media manipulation”.



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