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Twitter publishes transparency report amid feud over new Centre’s IT rules


Twitter is embroiled in bitter battle with government over new IT rules

New Delhi:

Social media giant Twitter, embroiled in a bitter battle with the government over the new digital rules, has its inaugural “transparency report” today – more than a month after the new digital rules came into effect. The report includes monthly data on how the microblogging site has handled user complaints, including the actions taken, as well as the number of web links or URLs that have been acted upon.

“Going forward, we will publish this report monthly and we are committed to making improvements over time, based on government feedback or in line with internal changes that will allow us to provide more detailed data, the company said in the report.

The transparency report with data from May 26 to June 25 this year includes harassment, defamation, terrorism and impersonation. According to the report, 37 complaints were registered, 20 of which were about defamation.

The US-based company said it has taken action against 132 tweets related to these complaints and flagged more than 22,000.

More than 18,000 tweets promoting child nudity and sexual exploitation have also been flagged, the company said. The report said more than 4,000 tweets promoting terrorism were also flagged.

Twitter said internal tools and other initiatives have helped monitor the complaints and take action.

An “Inquiry Request” report was also released, which includes the number of requests for information from the government and the number of accounts reported therein.

Twitter also today appointed an Indian citizen as an officer for grievances required under the country’s new digital rules.

The social media giant had initially clashed with the government over the new IT rules, which it said violated the Constitution.

Twitter lost legal protection from prosecution for user posts after it failed to comply with new digital rules, including the appointment of Indian officials for the grievances and redress system.

The rules, which came into effect on May 26, have made it mandatory for major digital platforms to publish periodic compliance reports every month, detailing the details of complaints received and the actions taken against them.

On July 2, Facebook said it had “activated” more than 30 million content items across 10 violation categories between May 15 and June 15. Google said it removed 59,350 links from its products, including YouTube, in April.



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