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Those reluctant to vaccinate are “if not deserters, at least allies of the virus,” says Bernard Kouchner

Selon CovidTracker, il reste encore à vacciner 7,25% des Français avant d

In the JDD, the doctor advocates mandatory injection for everyone, the only way to win the war against Covid-19.

«It’s our only ally“Faced with the reluctance of some French people against vaccination, Bernard Kouchner, interviewed in the JDD Sunday, July 11, was paralyzed about the urgency of the vaccination.”We can’t do it without these injections“, explained the doctor, according to whom the vaccination obligation is the only solution to prevent the”warAgainst the virus.

As the vaccine campaign nears its end, will the vaccine be imposed on everyone soon? “Trust me it will happen», testified the former health minister, explaining that it is a matter of putting it in “with nuances at the beginningAccording to the CovidTracker site, the current vaccination coverage, evaluated over the past 15 days, would reach the goal of vaccinating the entire adult population only by the end of November. Faced with this delay warning the health authorities, Bernard Kouchner has been very determined towards the the latter who was reluctant to inject.”We must fight the battle of conviction. You have to bathe them with the arguments, convince them“He insisted and accused these people of being”if not deserters, at least allies of the virus».

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«Globalize our efforts»

Overlooking the “universal enemyWhat the coronavirus is, the doctor, co-founder of Doctors Without Borders and Doctors du monde, called for a pooling of efforts on a global scale. “So far we are not united enough in the fight against Covid, even within Europe» he complained. “We rich countries can’t fight for our citizens alone“he said, explaining that”the battle must be fought everywhere“, as was the case”for AIDS“. This international battle would mainly come down to the promulgation of the vaccine”global public good“, A matter of”moral“and D'”ethicsAccording to the doctor.

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