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The world’s tallest sand castle built in Denmark


Designers in Denmark have finished building the world’s tallest sandcastle, about 69 feet tall, this week, the Guardian reports.

Situation: The castle — for which designers used nearly 5,000 pounds of sand — is more than 3 feet taller than the 2019 German-built structure, which previously held the title.

  • The sand castle was created by Wilfred Stijger, who received help from 30 of the world’s best-known sand sculptors. Stijger said the castle “represented the power the coronavirus has had over the world since the start of the pandemic,” the Guardian writes.
  • At the top of the castle is a replica of the coronavirus with a crown on it.

Data: The sandcastle is constructed from 10% clay and an adhesive layer so that it can remain upright during the autumn and winter weather conditions.

What to watch: According to the Guardian, it is expected to last until February or March.



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