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the radical Gustavo Valdés launched his re-election and the Kirchnerisme concluded a list with the current lieutenant governor


The interns between the current governor of Corrientes, the radical Gustavo Valdés, and his deputy governor Gustavo Cantero have exploded today as the candidacies were confirmed in which the leaders who won the province four years ago confirmed their political separation to pass the next polls. August 29. One will seek his re-election and the other, affiliated with Kirchnerism, to become mayor.

Valdes, number for a new term, announced that his running mate will become Pedro Braillard Poccard, current senator of Together for Change. He did it through a video he posted on his social networks.

“This is my running mate: Pedro Braillard Poccard. Accompanied by the 32 parties that form the largest political and social alliance in the history of the province, we will work together as a team for greater development, modernization and social inclusion in Corrientes,” said the current president.

Valdés emphasized his vice-candidate as a person “Honest, competent, who is loyal, who represents us and who also supports me”. Each of his words seemed to have hit the mark against his current lieutenant governor, Canteros, who struck a deal with Kirchnerism.

“I am grateful for the trust Governor Gustavo Valdes has placed in me by giving me the honor of being his running mate to continue a management that has positioned Corrientes in a prominent place in the country. And I express my thanks to the members of ECO-Corrientes”, added the new vice-candidate.

They will fight against the Frente de Todos, which, after intensive negotiations, has concluded a unity list and today presented its main candidates to fight for the interior, in the hands of radicalism since 2001. And it did so by one of the pieces of victory in the last election, the current Lieutenant Governor Gustavo Canteros, who switched to Peronism.

The articulator of the deal that sealed the unit was Hurlingham Mayor “Juanchi” Zabaleta, the PJ’s designated normalizing deputy, who landed in the county amid a severe internal crisis within the judicial system.

The photo of the unity of Corrientes Peronism.

The unanimous agreement of the Justicialista Party and its allies led the Correntino Front of All to nominate former national senator and former mayor of the provincial capital, Fabián Ríos, as a candidate for governor, accompanied by current provincial senator Martín Barrionuevo.

Today, Ríos is project manager for the construction of the Añá Cua hydroelectric power station, in the Ituzaingó department in Corrientes.

Canteros will be a candidate for mayor of the provincial capital for the Frente de Todos. In addition to Zabaleta, several key officials of Alberto Fernández’s government were key in last week’s negotiations, such as the Interior Minister, Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro, the head of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa and the head of the cabinet, Santiago Caféro.

The PJ unit list also has the support of mayors and councilors of the PJ Corrientes, as well as National Senator Carlos Camau Espínola, former governor candidate and former Olympic medalist who enjoys widespread support from Corrientes voters.



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