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Terrorism, Moroccan arrested in Salerno who fought with Isis


Against the man, who is now at the disposal of the judicial authority in Salerno prison, there was a… warrant issued by the Attorney General at the Court of Appeal in Rabat, Morocco, on June 28 and extended internationally on July 8.

The to blame The Moroccan prosecutor’s office states that criminal organizations are aimed at preparing and committing terrorist acts, illegal possession of weapons, raising funds to finance terrorism and threaten public order.

The 29-year-old was in Lago thanks to the contribution of the 007 of Aisi, the internal security service, and that of the DGST (Directorate General for the Surveillance of Terrorism) of Morocco: checked and shadowed, he was surrounded and blocked by cops near a bar where he was with other non-EU citizens.

The Moroccan’s name had been entered into the Schengen database by Spain and France and had already fallen under the lens of intelligence in 2018, precisely because of his past in Syria, where he had been in 2012.


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