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Saman Abbas, minutes from the Danish uncle / “Left with suitcase, she often ran away”


Saman Abbas he often ran away from home, so his parents decided to withhold his documents to prevent him from doing it again. This is the explanation of Danish Hasnain, the man charged with the murder of the girl who disappeared from Novellara on April 30. This is evident from the minutes first shown last night by fourth degree. «In my opinion it is not normal for her to always leave the house as this is the third time this has happenedHe told investigators before he fled. He explained that he does not know where she is, but that he is convinced that she went to Belgium to visit a friend. “I confirm that she left at 5pm on Friday, April 30. I was in my room and saw why I was looking out the window. I saw her leave the house on foot, with the suitcase, then someone came to pick her up by car. But I didn’t see her get in the car. I didn’t even try to stop her because she said she was 18 and could ask the police for help if her parents didn’t give her the papers».

uncle of Saman Abbas she also remembers how she was dressed:”When she left, she was dressed in short Italian-style dresses, with colored hair on the same day, April 30. He was wearing a short jacket and trousers, both blue jeans. I don’t remember the other clothes but she had white shoes».


Danish Hasnain, uncle of Saman Abbas, it is explained in the minutes that the niece’s move took place on Friday 30 April around 5 pm. And it wouldn’t have been the first. “I have to say that the first time she was away for a few months and then went home again. After returning home, he made a trip to Pakistan and there he told some of his friends that he wanted to do a wedding with a boy who lives in Belgium. And that’s how we found out that Saman wanted to get married thereHe also said his parents wanted to report the matter but not much was done because he was inside binnen Belgium. «After the trip to Pakistan, Saman met another Pakistani boy in Italy and left the house again. She was absent for three or four months and then returned home. Now it’s gone againTherefore the uncle repeated that Saman Abbas’s was a voluntary escape.When she returned to Italy from Pakistan, her parents took her documents and held them in the belief that this way she would not run away from home again. Saman had run away instead“. About the journey of the parents in Pakistan: «Now his father’s sister, Kausar, who lives in Pakistan, is sick and so they have booked plane tickets to go to Pakistan. Saman said she also wanted to go to Pakistan to see her aunt, when Saman’s parents gave her the papers she left the house and left».



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