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Rodríguez Larreta’s strong electoral commitment that could have an impact on the government, Vidal’s gesture to the tough electorate and the suggestive signal Jorge Macri gave


Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and María Eugenia Vidal, after the launch of the Buenos Aires candidacy of the former governor

With the launch of the candidacy of María Eugenia Vidal in Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta completed the first part of a project that he hopes will put him in a privileged position in the 2023 presidential race. still missing shut down a list of unity in the province of Buenos Aires around the appointment of Diego Santilli and above all, to see how the electoral scaffolding he has designed, which represents a very strong political commitment, will turn out in the polls.

As well as a weak election result from Together for the Change in Capital and Province would weaken his presidential dream, a victory in both districts (or at least if the difference with the ruling party in Buenos Aires is reduced as much as possible) it would give him clear leadership in the opposition.

However, the mayor of Buenos Aires faces another challenge: the success of the electoral scaffolding of the opposition, the design of which leaves his personal mark in the two main districts, will force him to remain in his own government, with everything that means in terms of risks. will face a important low when Santilli resigns as deputy head of government to take his place as deputy for being a leader leider key code in the Larretista structure. And it is likely that one of your most trusted officials, Fernando Straface, leave the Secretariat General of Buenos Aires to leave the chair to Emmanuel Ferrario, current Secretary of Strategic Affairs and former civil servant of Buenos Aires, as part of the requests made by Vidal to Rodríguez Larreta . did to add own people to the cabinet of the city. He also requested the Ministry of Justice where he would be appointed aan Gustavo Ferrari.

It is not yet defined, but Straface is named for tops the list of lawmakers in Buenos Aires, from which he becomes Vice President of the Legislature and the first in the line of succession of the city due to the absence of Santilli. The current Buenos Aires General Secretary also acts as Secretary of International Relations, so another vacancy is coming, although variants are being analyzed so that this position, not the position, remain in the hands of Straface of the legislature, since this official has developed in recent years very important international ties and alliances for the capital.

Fernando Straface, Secretary General and International Relations of the city
Fernando Straface, Secretary General and International Relations of the city

While the old football axiom that ‘Winning team does not touch each other’ It would not be applied in the government of Buenos Aires, the larretismo is excited about the possibilities opened up with a government administration where, as they envision, there will be more participation from Together for Change allies. At the same time, Vidal will gain prominence in the city’s governance and from there, if she is not a presidential candidate, she could compete to succeed Rodríguez Larreta in 2023. That perspective puts high tension to Martín Lousteau, PRO de Capital’s radical partner, who strives to the paved road to reach the government headquarters.

Of the many challenges, the challenge that Vidal will take on from this Saturday is no less. Her first speech as a candidate in Buenos Aires seemed… a careful work of political engineering to cover all flanks and weaknesses. He thanked his friend Rodríguez Larreta and also Mauricio Macri, even if, suggestive, the former president was highlighted by his past – “He was the one who started this team and the one who started this path of state, that is the city” – and not for his present or his future. It was generous with Patricia Bullrich before his resignation and he remembered JxC’s main partners in Capital, whom he had met separately.

The former governor was interested in mentioning Buenos Aires on several occasions, although it was clear that: He chose to nationalize his speech and in particular for extreme criticism of the government, what seemed a way to seduce the capital’s electorate, who has hitherto been a better fit for the hard wing of Together for Change and who believes moderates like her and the head of government, soft before the anti-republican advance of kirchnerism.

The most anticipated of his speech were the explanation about why she went from ‘proud of Buenos Aires’ to a clear Buenos Aires candidate. called convincingly when she dismissed any political speculation in this regard and confessed that she wanted to make sure she had “listened and learned” after the defeat she suffered in the 2019 elections, “Never,” said Vidal when speaking without speaking about his electoral put to go and relativize geographical boundaries in political activity. “Besides General Paz, on the one hand, we are Argentines defending Argentines.” He said. Now it is necessary to know whether the citizens of the City and Province understand. There will be studies that measure it.

Martín Tetaz Could Join Together for Change's Buenos Aires List
Martín Tetaz Could Join Together for Change’s Buenos Aires List

The staging of the launch was a careful postcard of the living thought of Rodríguez Larreta, a true preacher of unity and diversity. There were the leaders of the parties that make up JxC in the City. They all spoke less Graciela Ocaña, of Public Trust, and Roy Cortina, of Socialism. Behind the main leaders stood out the presence of a dozen young people (Will they have chart positions in addition to posing for the picture?). True to his style, Rodríguez Larreta did not radicalize his anti-government speech and instead of asked to overcome the rift, which he described as “a matter of politicians not serving the people”.

a week tough negotiations to complete the compilation of the candidate lists. The economist Martin Tetaz is represented by the UCR de Lousteau and his profile as a “successful professional who joins politics to renew it” could calm the hard wing of the PRO, which claims the anti-Kirchnerista Fernando Iglesias placeholder image seconds to Vidal. to Citizens’ coalition look for places to Paula Oliveto and Fernando Sanchez. Ocana will be on the list of candidates for deputy. The list of Buenos Aires lawmakers, perhaps headed by Straface, will, at the request of Macri, his private secretary, Dario Nieto. However, a veteran of politics warned that there could be surprises: “Until the lists are presented, any candidate who seemed safe could fall.”

The deadline for next Wednesday make alliances and electoral fronts official and on July 24 for the presentation of pre-candidate lists for the PASO, which takes place on September 12. By then they will be gone all unknowns on payrolls, including those that will compete in the province of Buenos Aires: the big question today is whether Jorge Macri, the mayor of Vicente López, will go to the primaries with his own list from the PRO to fight against Santilli and the UCR. The effect of the unity in Buenos Aires seems to have made him sensitive. Following Vidal’s launch, he posted on Twitter: “It is great news that we have achieved unity in CABA. Now we all have to make an effort from @juntoschangear in the Province. Beyond the names, unity to win”.


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