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Record 354 kg of heroin worth Rs 2,500 crore seized by Delhi Police | India News


NEW DELHI: In the biggest drug bust in its history, the Delhi Police Special Cell seized 354kg of Class A heroin worth a staggering 2,500 crore in the international market. Four key members of a cartel, including a chemical expert who turned raw powder into pure heroin, have been arrested.
The network is spread across several countries with kingpins in Canada, Portugal and Afghanistan, and multiple modules are operating in India to conduct narco-terrorism activities in the country, police said.
Investigations revealed that the cartel imported under the guise of legitimate goods such as talcum stone, gypsum powder and basil seeds, packed in materials such as jute bags, boxes, etc. It was then transported in containers to the Iranian port of Chabahar.
“From there, the shipments containing the contraband were shipped to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, Mumbai. Then the material was separated from the legitimate shipments and sent to makeshift factories,” DCP (special cell) Pramod Kushwaha told TOI. Special chemical experts from Afghanistan were then called in to process the contraband and convert it into pure and marketable heroin.
One of those processors, Hazrat Ali from Kandahar, is one of those arrested. His associate, Rizwan Kashmiri of Anantnag, has also been arrested, apart from two members of the cartel’s Punjab wing. About 100kg of the chemical used to turn raw contraband into pure heroin has also been seized.
The operation was carried out by ACPs Lalit Mohan Negi and Hriday Bhushan from the New Delhi cell. The team had broken a similar module in 2019. ACP Negi developed clues arising from that operation and discovered that a suspect named Rizwan was dealing drugs in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh.
On July 5, specific information was received regarding Rizwan’s movements in the Ghitorni area of ​​South Delhi. Inspector Vinod Badola, SI Sundar Gautam and others set a trap and arrested the suspect with 1 kg of heroin. However, this turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg. During the interrogation, Kashmiri is said to have revealed that he was working under the command of an Afghan, Isha Khan, who recently left India and is now based in Afghanistan.
Khan had instructed Kashmiri to contact two men, Gurpreet Singh and Gurjot Singh, both Punjab residents, who were operating a drug racket belonging to NSG Vihar Coop Housing Society in Sector 65, Faridabad. A raid was made and both were arrested.
The two led police to two cars – Verna and Amaze – containing 166 kg and 115 kg of heroin, respectively. Furthermore, 70 kg of the substance was seized from the bed box of their flat, astonishing the police at the size of the salvage.
The two men have claimed that they work for a Portugal-based handler named Navpreet Singh. Gurpreet had met him while the two were in a drug case in Kapurthala Prison. Navpreet works with his colleagues in Afghanistan, Iran and Canada.
Meanwhile, based on Rizwan’s disclosure, the police arrested Hazrat Ali and also seized chemicals and heroin from him. Ali and others were part of this syndicate’s chemical module, operating out of makeshift factories in several states, the largest of which is currently located in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh.
“The locals process the heroin with the help of Afghan experts and the various chemicals required for this are purchased by the network members from various chemical stores in MP and Delhi. After preparation, the heroin is delivered to Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan J&K and several other parts of India using different supply chains,” said DCP Kushwaha.
The detainees are part of various components of this network. This module will probably become part of a larger network. Police Commissioner Balaji Srivastava has been informed that he has formed a special team to excavate the entire nexus. Efforts are underway to trace the source in Afghanistan in conjunction with intelligence agencies, apart from tracing channels operating in the port of Mumbai and other parts of the country.



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