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‘More vaccines and detection or the first closures from August’


The circular from the Ministry of Health warns: we must accelerate with vaccines and tracking, otherwise with the Delta variant (which will rise to 70 percent of infections already in August and reach 90 by the end of the month) first the number of positive cases increase, than hospital admissions and deaths.

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Yellow areas

One fact remains, even if no one says it openly: with the current growth rate, in 3 or 4 weeks, the conditions will be created (incidence of 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants) of alarm, with the first regions going from white to yellow band. Saturday, July 3, less than 800 positive cases; Saturday, July 10, 1,400. In a week, the number of infections has almost doubled and the growth shows no signs of stopping. According to Pier Paolo Sileri, Secretary of State for Health, “we will be 3-4 thousand in three weeks”. Young people become infected, as the large clusters outside and within national borders show, because they travel and socialize more and because the majority of them have not been vaccinated. This means that the number of hospital admissions remains low, they were 1682 seven days ago, they are 1308 today. But no one can predict how long this scenario – infections increase, hospitalizations decrease – will last. “Let’s always remember that we have 2.5 million people over 60, most at risk, not vaccinated yet,” Sileri emphasizes. The Ministry of Health has issued a circular asking the regions to strengthen the detection, isolation of clusters and acceleration of vaccinations, the only tool in the absence of containment measures. The wave of new cases threatens to ensure that the measures being studied, but not yet decided, will filter out arrivals from Portugal and Spain, where the expansion of the Delta variant has caused an unprecedented increase in infections. The hypothesis is to apply the same formula chosen for the United Kingdom: antigen test before boarding the plane, five days of isolation in Italy, new test. It should be clear whether this path will be imposed on everyone or only on those who have not completed the vaccination process. «Theoretically – Sileri analyzes – you should be ready to use the monitoring tools adopted for the United Kingdom and Ireland for all those countries that show a similar epidemiological trend. But there are some contraindications: the first is that everything indicates that Italy too will soon find itself in conditions that are not identical or comparable; at the same time, the scenario is changing rapidly and today there are other countries that are seeing an increase in the number of cases ». Malta has seen cases double, in Cyprus they are growing strongly, but yesterday the Netherlands was astonishing. In 24 hours he scored more than 10 thousand positive points. Just a week ago they were below a thousand, such impressive growth has little precedent, if the same happens in Italy (hopefully not) that would mean we are at 10,000 between Friday and Saturday (unlikely).

Delta variant in Italy, from 5.2% to 27.7% in one month. Release data: “Growth associated with outbreaks, high attention”


Such an unpredictable trend in infections in Europe is undermining the tool of the Green Pass and now people wonder if it was not a mistake to let unvaccinated people travel with a simple antigen test, because the side effect is that a summer – like the case of Malta shows – with thousands of Italians stranded abroad because they had positive results before taking the plane back. Professor Gianni Rezza, Director of Prevention at the Ministry of Health, has issued the circular reminding that, as may seem obvious, the long-term increase in infections will still have an effect on hospitalizations and deaths as the virus of young people up to age 60 who have not been vaccinated.

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