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Israeli troops thwart massive arms smuggling attempt from Lebanon

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Israeli security forces have caught a plot to smuggle a large stockpile of weapons into Israel through the Lebanese border, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on Saturday.

A preliminary investigation into the incident found that Israeli forces managed to seize the contraband — which consisted of 43 Glock pistols, some brand new and including magazines and silencers — on the Lebanese side of the border.

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The weapons

Dozens of pistols seized by Israeli security forces at Lebanese border, July 10, 2021

(Photo: IDF Spokesperson Unit)

The military has yet to determine whether the weapons were intended to carry out terrorist acts in Israel on behalf of the Hezbollah terrorist group. The Iran-backed terror group has conducted several smuggling operations in recent years that involved similar smuggled explosives by criminal elements.

So far, no suspects have been arrested in the incident.

It was the fifth time Israeli forces have managed to intercept smuggling attempts from Lebanon since early 2021, raising concerns from defense officials that these incidents may have been linked to economic and political unrest in the northern neighbour.

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smuggling weaponssmuggling weapons

Surveillance footage of an attempted arms smuggling attempt across the Lebanese border foiled by Israeli security forces

(Photo: IDF Spokesperson Unit)

The seized contraband was intended to be sold for millions to Israeli criminal syndicates and to help fund Hezbollah’s operations.

Defense officials, however, note that they are seeing an alarming trend of rogue elements within the terrorist group acting independently without the approval of the top of the organization, endangering the relative tranquility of the northern border.



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