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Is wheat harmful to the gut? The Saudi Food and Drug Authority clarifies the truth


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– Is eating wheat bad for the gut, as some claim?

On Twitter, the Food and Drug Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia indicated the distribution of clips claiming that eating wheat is harmful to the gut, hinders the absorption of food and affects concentration, which can lead to depression .

The clips also claimed that wheat contains addictive substances, as it contains gluten protein and phytic acid.

The authority confirmed that the allegations made in the circulating clips are not true, on healthy individuals, according to scientific studies and available data.

Gluten is a common protein naturally found in grains, including wheat, barley and oats.

The authority said: “The information cited by the spokesperson was not accurate, and the details of the studies were not properly explained, and the results of the studies referred to were limited to a certain category of individuals suffering from autoimmune diseases, including celiac patients, (gluten sensitivity), or of They are allergic to wheat.

No scientific evidence has been found that wheat gluten has a negative effect on healthy individuals.

When it comes to phytic acid, its presence in foods is not a cause for concern about a deficiency of said minerals in the body when following a varied diet (animal and plant foods).

Phytic acid can be removed or reduced by soaking, culturing or cooking food before eating it.



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