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here are which regions are about to return to yellow – Libero Quotidiano


The Delta variant progress and our freedoms immediately return to waver. And not just because several European countries are about to reintroduce limits, obligations and charges for travel, even for the vaccinated. Yes, the point is that even several white areas in Italy would now be in danger again.

It is clear that behind the hand of Roberto Speranza, who explained: “We must act with caution, also in light of what is happening”. And so there will be an ad hoc control room in this context next week.

Certainly, for the time being, the obligation to wear the mask indoors is completely excluded. So we will discuss on a leash to keep for discos and nightclubsdestined to still pay taxes. But above all, as mentioned, some regions are destined to return to the yellow zone in a short time.

According to what Repubblica expects, the tightening of measures with the return to yellow will affect regions with an incidence of more than 50 cases per week per 100 thousand inhabitants. And so, based on the data captured between July 4 and 10, it appears that they are at risk Sicily (incidence at 21), Campania (19), Abruzzo (16.6) e Market (15.3). But given the growth rate of infections, many other regions will soon be at risk of yellowing. Again.



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