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Emergency PPKM Officers Attacked by Residents of Kenjeran Surabaya

Puluhan warga Bulak Banteng Baru, Kecamatan Kenjeran, Surabaya, menyerang petugas yang sedang melakukan patroli protokol kesehatan.

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Operations officer justifying enforcement of restrictions on community activities (PPKM) Emergency, was attacked by dozens of residents of Bulak Banteng Baru, Kenjeran District, Surabaya, while conducting a health protocol patrol.

A volunteer who was on the scene, Rizaldi said, started when agents consisting of the TNI, Polri, Satpol-PP and volunteers raided Saturday night (10/7). That activity revealed that one store was still open outside the curfew.

The officers who found the violation then took firm action against the store by imposing sanctions for the seizure of their ID cards and 3 kilograms of LPG bottles.

Knowing this, some local residents then began shouting and pelting the officers with harsh words and immediately attacked the officers’ operational cars.

Duh nyare pesse cek mlarattah mak gik eyojeh deyeh (duh duh, it’s hard to find money this way, how come they are still evicted this way),’ said one resident, as said by Rizaldi, Sunday (11/7).

Other residents were eventually provoked, they joined forces with the officers. They pushed each other.

The officers who were outnumbered immediately decided to withdraw. Rizaldi was even hit on the head and kicked.

“I was beaten, mas, kicked for being behind the cop’s car,” he said.

Several officers’ cars were damaged in the incident.

Tanjung Perak Port Police Chief AKBP Ganis Setyaningrum admitted he would follow up on the attack on residents.

“As for the vandalism incident, it is being followed up,” Ganis said, when confirmed.

He also deplored the community’s attitude of rejection. What they do is for the safety and health of the residents themselves.

“Of course we deeply regret this incident, so we hope that the community will support the central government’s policy regarding Emergency PPKM for the sake of mutual health and safety,” he said.

The head of the Kenjeran sub-district, Henni Indriaty, said last night’s incident would not scare or scare his party from carrying out a similar operation. The three pillar officers in their area will continue to disseminate health protocols to the public.

“We will continue to do this socialization activity because we care about public health, I don’t want people in my area to be exposed to Covid 19,” Henni said.


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