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Dwarka house robbery: two arrested after short gunfight


Dwarka police arrested two of the four robbers after a brief firefight who took a family hostage? and looted jewelry and Rs 8 lakh cash. The two were detained late Saturday from the Uttam Nagar terminal area.

Three shots were fired, two of them by police in self-defense, during the gunfight in which one of the suspects – Ankush Prasad (24) – suffered injuries to his right leg. He was taken to a nearby hospital. His associate, Mukul Lal, who was released from prison two months ago, was also arrested, police said.

Four armed assailants, posing as electricians, reportedly broke into a real estate dealer’s home in Dwarka on July 7, held the family hostage and fled with Rs 8 lakh cash and jewellery. “The men, wearing masks and carrying weapons, arrived on two scooters. They entered the house of real estate dealer Vinod Lal during his absence. One of them was wearing a helmet while the others were wearing a cap,” said a senior police officer.

DCP (Dwarka) Santosh Kumar Meena said that during the investigation, the police discovered that one of Vinod Lal’s employees, Dipanshu alias Vaasu, who is a resident of Sadar Bazar, was in constant contact with the suspect and that he was the one who provided information provided to his employees.

“We gathered more information about them and identified the four accused – Ankush, Mukul, Jitendra and Javed. Jitendra and Javed are registered criminals from Gulabi Bagh and Raghubir Nagar areas. All have criminal backgrounds and have committed similar robberies. Dipanshu was also involved in such a robbery,” he added.

“The special staff of Dwarka district received information on Saturday evening that Ankush would come to Uttam Nagar terminal to meet his employee. A trap was set up based on this information. When the team saw the suspect arrive on a motorcycle around 1 a.m., he was asked to surrender, but he tried to escape. He started firing at the police when the team fired back in self-defense,” a senior police officer said. The local police were informed and the victim was taken to a nearby hospital where he is being treated.



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