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Covid, Ministry of Health sounds alarm about new closures: “Accelerate vaccines and tracking”


Or speed it up with vaccines and tracking, or we will see a new increase in infections and thus a possible closures. He said it clearly Ministry of Health in a circular mainly addressed to the Regions in light of the resumption of the virus due to the greater spread of the delta variant.

In today’s circular, the ministry led by Roberto Speranza launched a real “International Alert” due to the increase in Covid-19 cases in several European countries.

Ministry of Health: By the end of August, 90% of cases will be a Delta variant

The Ministry of Health explains that at the beginning of August, 70% new Covid cases from the old continent will be due to the isolated variant for the first time in India, and the 90% by the end of the same month.

The rapid dissemination, reads the document signed by the Ministry’s Director-General for Prevention, Giovanni Rezza, is mainly due to the easing of “control measures in recent weeks” that “increased the mobility of people at home and abroad, leading to an increase in the social interactions of the population”.

Vaccine, in Italy 2.5 million Older people over 60 without first dose

In Italy there is an additional critical point: the vaccination campaign did not cover sufficient percentages in all age groups. Particularly troubling is the data on the most risky, the over-60 category, which is still present 2.5 million people without even a dose.

At the moment, infections are especially increasing among young people, the proportion of the population least vaccinated and least at risk. But it won’t be long, Rezza warns, before the virus passes from them to the unvaccinated over-60s.

Delta, Green Pass at risk

The impact of the delta variant on cases can also jeopardize the Green Pass formula, which allows you to travel through a purely negative buffer. With results such as those of Malta and Greece, where many Italians were not allowed to board the plane due to a positive point.

For Franco Locatelli, coordinator of the Scientific Technical Committee, new restrictions on international travel could soon come: “That the contagion curve in Europe is starting to rise again is now a clear fact. In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal in a decidedly clear way, to the point where it is necessary to consider whether even stricter measures should be taken in some countries for passengers coming from those countries”.


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