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Covid-19 NZ: Ship with two sailors with coronavirus to dock in Wellington


A fishing boat carrying two people infected with Covid-19 will dock in Wellington.

Plans for the Viking Bay vessel were announced on Sunday, after both Port Taranaki and Ports of Auckland rejected the vessel.

The ship, which has 20 people on board, will dock at Queens Wharf in Wellington on Monday, customs said in a statement.

The Viking Bay fishing vessel (file photo).


The Viking Bay fishing vessel (file photo).

“Fences will cordon off the area where Viking Bay will dock to prevent public access, while authorities increase quayside security and patrols on the water.”

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The ship’s return to New Zealand had been assessed as a “very low health risk to the public”.

All 20 crew members would undergo a comprehensive health check on arrival, including testing.

“Most of them will then be safely transported to a managed isolation and quarantine facility to go through at least 14 days in managed isolation,” the statement said.

The ship was not allowed to dock at Port Taranaki last week and there were rumors that it would go to Auckland.

The Covid-19 test station on Taranaki St in Wellington (file photo).

Ross Giblin / Stuff

The Covid-19 test station on Taranaki St in Wellington (file photo).

On Thursday evening, a spokesman for the Port of Auckland said they had received a request for the Viking Bay to enter.

“We’ve said they can’t enter the harbor, but we’re glad they’re using the quarantine anchors, which are at the back of Rangitoto.”

Customs Group Manager Maritime Stephen Waugh said the risk to public health was low as crew members would be taken off the boat at a time that would minimize any contact with the public.

Customs, security personnel and the maritime police unit will be part of the operation. All government and CentrePort employees who come into contact with the crew have been vaccinated.

New Covid-19 cases in MIQ

There are no new cases of Covid-19 community to report and three new cases in managed isolation and quarantine, the health ministry says.

The three cases, reported since the ministry’s last update on Friday, came from the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Russia.

The three new cases were in managed isolation in Auckland. The Malaysian case tested positive on their first test, while the other two were picked up during the routine test on day three.

“A previously reported case, dated July 8, has been reclassified to ‘under investigation’ and has been removed from our list of active cases,” the ministry said in a statement.

“As a result, the number of active cases in New Zealand has only increased by two. It is now 34.”

The weekly moving average of the new border case is two.

On Friday, 6,458 were processed across the country, slightly ahead of the 7-day moving average of 5512.

Those numbers exclude tests in the Waikato, where systems are still affected by the cyberattack.

There were 1,438,447 NZ Covid Tracer app scans in the last 48 hours to 12 noon Saturday.


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