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Bill Zan, Povia to Fedez: “Shame on you”


Bill Zan, Povia v Fededz. “Years of Gramsci, of Togliatti, of Hegel, of Marx, who never dreamed of violating the minds of children. They say it’s good. Fedez you should be ashamed to give these people space,” says Giuseppe Povia in a video on Youtube that went viral in a few hours: the artist lashes out at Fedez and Alessandro Zan in the light of the live broadcast organized by the rapper on the theme of ddl Zan.

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“Zan – Povia insists – you should be ashamed to even propose a law requiring parents to accompany children of the opposite sex because they consider themselves polar opposites of their birth sex. Children? But children are sponges, they are perfect recorders of information and what you tell them, they take for granted. We adults have the ability to understand that this is all madness, but children…!” says Povia. who continues: “Children sold, bought, stuffed with drugs, misinformation, outside influences, children don’t have the ability to understand that you are doing them and their spontaneous and natural growth wrong. Do children’s heads colonize ideologically?”.

The singer, who has always been a critic on the theme of gender ideology, then turns directly to the promoter of the bill against homotransphobia: “No, dear Zan, parents are not ‘luckily more sensitive’ these days. Your ideological propaganda that has nothing have to do with the well-being of children. I am amazed that such an absurd text is being discussed, and if it is adopted it is the beginning of a new dictatorship”. Povia then underlines: “Look, I can speak, because I wrote ‘Children do oh’, and also ‘We must save innocence’. But Giorgio Gaber also wrote before he died ‘Do not teach children your sick morals and your social illusions’. ‘” concludes the singer-songwriter.


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