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Benjamin Netanyahu Leaves Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem


JERUSALEM: Benjamin Netanyahu and his family left the Israeli prime minister’s official residence early Sunday, nearly a month after the longtime leader was removed from office with the formation of an alternative government.
A family spokesperson confirmed that the Netanyahus left the Balfour Street residence in Jerusalem shortly after midnight, in accordance with a deadline agreed with newly-appointed Prime Minister Naftali Bennett last month.
The Balfour residence had become a symbol of Netanyahu’s scandals and has been the scene of weekly protests against Netanyahu for the past year. Protesters called on the then prime minister to resign while he was on trial for corruption. Netanyahu has denied any allegations and refused to resign.
Netanyahu was Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, serving for the past 12 years and a stint in the 1990s, having occupied the residence since 2009.
Bennett has not yet announced a date for moving into the home.



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