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And last but not least! 3 million dose of Moderna vaccine for health workers arrives in Indonesia



A total of 3,060,000 doses of Moderna vaccine just arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Sunday (11/7/2021). The arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine is the 20th arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine in Indonesia.

Central Level COVID-19 Vaccination Spokesperson and New Habits Adaptation (IMR) Ambassador Dr. Reisa Broto Asmoro said the Moderna vaccine in the form of finished materials was shipped from the United States through the COVAX facility.

“The Indonesian people again thank God Almighty for the arrival of more than 3 million doses of vaccine so that the production of Moderna from the United States was directed through the COVAX facility,” he explained in a virtual press conference, Sunday (11/11). 09/2019). 7/2021).

“The arrival of the 20th phase of the vaccine is clear evidence that the government continues to work hard to bring in a COVID-19 vaccine to meet vaccine needs in Indonesia,” he continued.

dr. Reisa also said the advent of the Moderna vaccine was a provision for increasing vaccinations in Indonesia. The reason is that the proliferation of vaccines today has left Indonesia stockpiling more than 100 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The arrival of more than 3 million will ensure that the stock of vaccines is made, for example, Moderna’s production will increase the stock of vaccines in Indonesia and the COVID-19 vaccination program will be intensified as the vaccines are made by Moderna, increasing the total number of vaccines. Indonesia-owned vaccines are rising to more than 100 million doses of vaccines, both ingredients and materials, finished or new materials,” he concluded.

During the press conference, Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin said that the Moderna vaccine has been proven to have a high level of efficacy. This vaccine will be used as a 3rd booster injection for health professionals.

“We intend to use this vaccine in addition to the first and second injection for the Indonesian people, we will use it specifically for the 3rd booster injection for Indonesian health workers because they are under tremendous pressure, especially in the 2nd wave of the transmission of this pandemic , so we want to make sure they are protected to the maximum,” he said at a news conference about the arrival of Moderna’s vaccine.

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