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“All of Europe is cheering for us.” The Azzurri lead the Brexit revenge against England


Who could have imagined that the Tricolore would become the flag of Europe, and the Blue Team the spearhead of a continental revenge on England in Brexit? Even the France who never cheered Italy, today appears to be blue with percentages of almost 70 percent in a study by L’Équipe. And spokespersons for the Presidents of the Commission and the EU Council, Ursula Von der Leyen and Charles Michel, say that the hearts of the two leaders, German and Belgian, of a Europe that has managed Britain’s divorce are beating for the boot.

London’s scars against the rest of Europe

No more spaghetti and P38. This time the shock image is not from Berlin but from London, the pineapple pizza slash on the Daily Star tabloid. A slap in the stomach for the Italians, while the English coach Gareth South gate, provoked by the Queen’s letter of encouragement, he teases national pride by distancing it, by “having the courage to reject those who have tried to invade us”. But even more surprising than the reference to the Second World War is that of the “decorum”, the decency, which combines the “Daily Mirror” in Gareth’s words with the exaltation “for our history, our strength in adversity, our respect for the ancestors and the future”. The head coach’s speech, leading Labor opponents in Westminster to advise Boris Johnson to attend leadership school from Southgate. BoJo responds by assuming a national holiday for the win.

England, Queen Elizabeth’s message: “Best wishes for the final, I handed over the last cup 55 years ago”

the badge

And if even at Heathrow Airport the illuminated signs at the gates multiply everyone’s slogan, “It comes home” (“The football the English gave to the world returns home”), the European inspiration for Italy marries the independence fear of Scotland and Wales. The very Scottish “The National” produces a screaming cover, with our Mancini wearing the blue and white of Scotland on his face, leader of the warriors of the late 200’s against the English, starred in the film adaptation of the hero William Wallace by Mel Gibson in “Braveheart”, Fearless Heart. The title, “Final Hope”, is the last hope entrusted to the Italian coach. “Save us Roberto, we can’t take another 55 years if they insist.”

Fifty-five years since England’s 1966 world victory. Not surprisingly, a Edinburgh the platforms of the open-air bars were all decorated with tricolor flags yesterday, and the souvenir shops sold stocks of blue shirts for whiskey windows. According to a “Good morning Britain” poll, 63 percent of fans from Scotland, Wales and even Northern Ireland would support Italy. Laura Kemp, “Wales Online” journalist evoking the centuries of English oppression in Wales, attacks Johnson, pointing the finger at the “arrogance and presumption” of hooligans. It is still. The South Europe it is with Italy, starting with the Spaniards with whom there has always been a “Latin” harmony, but whom we eliminated in the quarter-finals on penalties. their Ct Luis Enrique he opened the hearts of the Italians by promising he will cheer for the Azzurri, while Jose Mourinho limited himself to hoping for the “perfect final” between Italy and England, but the Portuguese will carry the Italian flag anyway. And the Nordic front is licking its wound for Denmark’s elimination with a dubious penalty on Sterling.

Of course, the atmosphere of a continent crisscrossed by the scythe of Covid and an economic crisis that seeks in the stadiums its moment of catharsis and rebirth, is flowing in today’s final battle. Brexit has split the United Kingdom, which has the record of deaths from the virus (more than 128 thousand). But today’s England isn’t the all-white of 1966: it rests on the ground for LGBT rights and has footballers from different countries (Kane has an Irish father, Saint Kitts Rashford mother, Sterling was born in Jamaica). But it is also an England that is paying for the “selfish” and deeply rooted choice for Brexit, while Europe is finally rediscovered united under a blue sky.




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